Archer Font Free Download

archer font feature 310x165 - Archer Font Free Download

Archer font is a slab serif typeface family that was created in the year 2001 through Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Hoefler for utilization in Martha Stewart Living magazine. This typeface was later published through Hoefler and Frere-Jones for commercial licensing. …

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College Block Font Free Download

College Block Font

College Block Font was designed by an American font designer Mr. Dennis Ludlow. This font is released in 2009 with the help of sharkshock font foundry. It is a modified version of Blockletter and is available in a sans-serif typeface. …

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Klinic Slab Font Free Download

klinic slab font feature 310x165 - Klinic Slab Font Free Download

Klinic Slab font family is one of the most comprehensive typefaces that is released to date. It has a total of 8 fonts and comes in 4 weights including bold, medium, light, and book. This is a contemporary and versatile …

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Courier New Font Free Download

Courier New font

Courier New Font is the slab-serif typeface that was considered the great creation of Howard Bud Kettler after that, this was re-designed by many different designers and this typeface became more legible. This typeface was specially designed for the IBM …

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Brix Slab Font Free Download

Brix Slab Font

Hi friends! Brix Slab Font is a modern slab serif typeface. This stunning typeface was created by two intelligent designers known Livius F. Dietzel and Hannes von Döhren. In 2011, this font was released for the first time. This font …

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Copperplate Font Family Free Download

Copperplate Font

Copperplate font is a sans-serif typeface that is a large and extended family of typefaces. An American designer and printer Frederic Goudy designed this font many years ago whereas American-type Foundry released this font. Whenever designers use this font on …

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Aleo Font Free Download

Aleo Font

ALEO Font Family by Alessio Laiso is a slab-serif typeface. It is as much similar to Lato font by Łukasz Dziedzic. Aleo Contains, light, light italic, regular. regular italic, bold and bold italic customs. This font family is much suitable for making any unique and attractive layouts...

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Paul Slab Font Family Free Download

Paul Slab Font 310x165 - Paul Slab Font Family Free Download

Paul Slab Font Family comes with unique texture and design. This slabserif font was designed. And shared for the primary time by Fargus Meiser and Lukas Bischoff. It includes basic, clean, healthy, modern and minimalist slab typeface features....

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Sanchez Font Free Download

Sanchez Font

Sanchez font is an extraordinary font that turned into designed and published for the first time by Latinotype. This is a slab-serif typeface family. It is able to be used everywhere like to your internet site, emblem layout, or in a document that wishes a good-looking...

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