Avenir Font Free Download

Avenir font belongs to geometric sans serif typeface family. In 1987, it was designed by a famous typographic designer Adrian Frutiger. Later in 1988, this font was released by a typeface foundry Linotype Gmbh.

This font was released with three weights. The expanded family of Avenir font, consists of six weights and each weight contains the roman and oblique versions. In 2004, Adrian Frutiger reworked the Avenir font family and designed a new typeface with the name Avenir next font.

There are many graphic designers, who would like to use this font in their projects just because of the Avenir font family uniqueness. It comes in many different formats and some of them are TTF, OTF, and zip formats.

This font family is available free for personal use only. To use it for commercial projects, you should have to buy its license for the author. You can download its free version by clicking “Download Now” button mentioned below.

Avenir Font Family

The Avenir font family includes 14 weights and styles such as regular, book, oblique, roman, medium, heavy, black and condensed etc. Each weight and style supports multiple languages. You can use this font in a combination of other sans serif fonts like Montserrat or Helvetica Neue.

Avenir Font Free Download

Some famouse uses of Avenir font includes:

  • This font was used in the website of Capgemini Engineering.
  • In 2008, Wake Forest University start using this typeface as its primary font.
  • This font was used by Apple for Maps application.
  • Snapchat is using this font since early 2016.
  • Best Buy used its modified version “Avenir Next” for their advertisments and promotional materials.

Other uses:

  • Due to its versatility you can use this font for headings and display type or body type. To create attractive designs, you can use this font by pairing with Helvetica Font.
  • To create a design with unique touch, you can use this font in various places. This font is suitable for logo designs, posters, signage, web designs, invitation cards and business card.
  • This font also can be used for advertising, publishing and promotional designs and printing projects.

Download Avenir Font Free

It is one of the most downloaded fonts on the web until now. You can also use it in your designs and make them more unique than ever before.

Download Now

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Avenir a Web Safe Font?

Yes! It’s one of the most popular and safe web fonts on the internet.

Which Google Font Is Closest to Avenir?

If we talk about the design and shape of font then Montserrat font is the most similar font to Avenir.

Is Avenir a System Font?

Yes, it’s a system font that can be used in different types of systems.

How to Use Avenir Font on Website

You can use Avenir font on your website but you must have to buy a commercial use license before using it on your website.

We hope you have got answers to your all questions. Don’t forget to share our work with your friends and fellow. So they can also get benefits from our daily sharing of fonts on our website.

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