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Broadway font is a Display sans-serif font that Morris Fuller Benton started designing in 1927 and completed in 1928. Morris was an American designer who worked in an American type foundry for many years. Besides Broadway font, he gave shape to many other beautiful and highly used typefaces including Alternate Gothic font, News Gothic font, and many others. You can get the Broadway font free in many versions.

This display font was issued under an American Manufacturer, American type founder, However, after a few years, Monotype Imaging re-issued this font. In 1954, American type founder broke their ties with this font. The font depicts the vibe of the 20s and 30s that grossed huge applause. After the font’s popularity, the designer came with many variants of Broadway font.

Broadway font family has a different style to offer that conduct inventiveness. It also comprises different weights including Regular, Bold etc. You can also acquire Broadway font similar fonts free of cost including Broadway Condensed and Broadway Engraved font. Furthermore, the Broadway font Generator tool is here to help you design different shapes of Broadway font. You don’t need to download the font in your system in order to use this tool.

Broadway Font History

The history of Broadway font goes back to 1928 when it made public. This sans-serif font has a big family contain understandable and readable letters and character set. In 1928, American Type Founder released this font after which the font enjoyed massive acceptance everywhere. It became everyone’s favourite sans-serif font in no time. However, in 1954, the company disassociated itself from the Broadway font.

In the start, only upper case letters were released. After a few time, Monotype released the variant of this font with the name Broadway Engraved. Sol Hess, a typeface designer designed this variant. After a year in 1929, the font’s lower case letters were originated. Sol Hess designed the lower case letters under the same Monotype foundry. The same year American Type Founder released the Broadway condensed, another variant.

History of Broadway Font
History of Broadway Font

Its various digital copies were produced in all these years. Broadway is a fun font that can be easily employed in various situations and it is great to pair of polya font. It was designed while keeping in mind the mood and feeling of the 20s and 30s. Hence, you have many options to avail when we talk about font usage.

Font Information

NameBroadway Font
FoundryAmerican Type Founders
DesignerMorris Fuller Benton
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1927
LicenseOnly Personal Use Allowed
TypeFree Version

Usage of Broadway Font

Sans-serif font is famous for its readability and understandability and this is what Broadway is famous for. It has been featured on the logo of many companies, Magazines, corporations, the Entertainment industry, and a lot more. Many years ago, British blues a famous rock band used this font on one of their albums.

Furthermore, the French cooking guide book featured this font on their logo. Similarly, there are many plots where this font was featured one after the other that enhanced its fame. Hence, you can employ this sans-serif font with less sans minimal font in different scenarios including branding, packaging, websites, designs, invitation cards, official documents, and many other platforms.

Broadway Font view

Broadway Font View
Broadway Font View

Broadway Font Family (Includes 2 Typeface)

  1. Broadway Com Roman
  2. Broadway Com Engraved

Similar Fonts to Broadway Font

  • LTC Broadway
  • LHF Bell Boy
  • angeline vintage font
  • Ankle
  • Limelight
  • Showtime
  • Manbow
  • Signage JNL
  • Deko Black Serial

License Information

This font is free for your commercial use and this is what makes this font worth using. You can employ the typeface as much as you want on every work level. Furthermore, you can also use the font free for your printing, commercial and digital projects.

Broadway Font free Download

What can be better than acquiring a popular large font family free of cost? Broadway is free to download on your devices with a single click. You can get the paid and free version of this fun and amazing typeface without obligations.

Click here to [download]( the Broadway regular font.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Is Broadway Font?

It is a sans-serif typeface. Morris Fuller Benton, a famous and highly valued American designer designed this font in 1928. After the font emerges, Sol Hess designed different variants of this font. Broadway font comprises all the upper case and lower case letters.

Is Broadway Free for Commercial Use?

Interestingly. you can use this font free of cost for every project. Whether you are looking for a font for personal work or commercial work, you are free to get facilitated with all its characters and letters.

Who Released Broadway Font?

In 1928, American type founder released this font. For many years the company remained associated with the font. However, in the 1950s, the company disassociated with this font family. Later Monotype Imaging issued the typeface.

Who Designed the Broadway Font?

A famous American designer Morris Fuller Benton designed this beautiful font. Furthermore, he produced many other famous sans-serif typefaces.

Which Fonts Are Similar to Broadway Font?

Broadway Condensed and libre baskerville font carry many similarities with Broadway font. You can consider using them in a design as similar fonts.

Where You Can Use Broadway Font?

You can apply this font to many platforms and fields including branding, Packaging, invitation cards, brands, promotional events, billboards, signboards and many other spots.

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