Bluto Font Free Download

Introducing Bluto Font which is a famous sans serif font. This font family has heavy and heavy italic weights with a number of styles. StudioWorks is the owner of this unique lettering typeface.

To Use this typeface for CSS, you will have to copy and paste this font into a proper format. The designer can also use it for Adobe Photoshop and Canva design projects. Both TrueType and OpenType formats are available.

This font has many features that’s why designers can make it pair with gilbert font for more unique design purposes. It is also good for use in different high-quality design projects. The text generator tool of this typeface is helpful for converting simple designs to colorful graphic ones.

Bluto Font Characteristics

The main and remarkable feature of this typography is that it includes a bunch of styles. Almost 10 unique styles of this texture are very attractive and offer all developers ample choices for various designs. A few styles are light, medium, regular, bold, and heavy both upright and italic. The vertical and horizontal strokes of this sans-serif give a unique look to your text design. These characteristics of this neat, bold, and clean sans-serif texture make it different as compared to others.

Bluto Font

Font Details

NameBluto Font
TypeSans Serif
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

A Visual Guide: Uppercase and Lowercase Characters

This stunning typography includes classic uppercase and lowercase characters. It comes with more than 110 characters including uppercase letters, numbers, and some special characters. The upper (A-Z) and lower (a-z) characters are very classic.

The numbers it contains are 0 to 9 and with a unique appearance. The modern glyphs and standard punctuation of this typeface are very attractive. All of these features and qualities make this family worth appreciating among designers.

Bluto Font Free Download

If you need to utilize this outstanding look typeface for your plans then you need to download this font just by clicking on the given button.

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The Usage of Bluto Font

This eye-catching font is effective for website header designs, title designs, quotes, graphic card designs, invitation cards, and related design projects. It is great for utilizing this eye-catching font for different types of fashion magazines. This font family is suitable for official logo design purposes.

Bluto Font

You can use this amazing font adca font with the pairing of this texture. You can also utilize this font for t-shirt designs, pants designs, and cloth branding design purposes. The designer can pick this amazing font for watermark logo designs as well as official logo design purposes.

All expert designers can use this font for higher projects like secrets, offices,  and various types of text design purposes, Many Youtubers can use this amazing font for thumbnail designs. It is best for use in different logotypes, menu card designs, advertisement purposes, posters, and many other related purposes.

Bluto Font Family (Includes 10 Styles)

  • Bluto Light
  • Bluto Light Italic
  • Bluto Medium
  • Bluto Medium Italic
  • Bluto Regular
  • Bluto Italic
  • Bluto Bold
  • Bluto Bold Italic
  • Bluto Heavy
  • Bluto Heavy Italic

Alternatives to Bluto Font

Because of the cohesive and stylish look, this typeface is suitable to pair with different fonts. You can pick out this typography and make a proper pairing with Film Noir Font and then notice the change.

Pulse Font is another option that is suitable for making pairing with this typeface. A few more textures are available that are best for pairing with typeface are Meiryo Font, Think Big Font, and Din Font. If it is your desire to get extraordinary results in your design projects then you will make a strong pairing with a suitable typeface.

Licensing Information

The original designer of this typeface allows using this typography free for personal and secret plans. But for business and commercial projects you will have to buy the license of this typeface. After purchasing the license for this typeface you can use it anywhere.


Is Bluto Font worth using?

Yes, absolutely this classic typography is worth using and appreciating among all designers. Because of an extensive range of styles, this typeface is mostly used.

Can I use Bluto Font for Adobe Applications?

Obviously, you can use this typography for all Adobe applications. It is effective for Illustrator, Photoshop, and others.

Is Bluto Font a Google font?

There are a lot of typefaces that are similar to this font family available on Google Fonts but this texture is attainable for download on our site.

Why and where we can use Bluto Font?

Because of its cohesive look and style, designers mostly used this texture in their projects. In all business sectors, educational departments, and higher brands this texture is commonly used.

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