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Conthrax is a fourteen font, sans serif own family that has great typeface you can use it on your ongoing projects. Conthrax has Latin language support and helps the languages Cyrillic, greek and greater (151).

This produces sharper proper angles that is similar to hipster font make more intricate characters higher mentioned. It’s far encouraged by vintage lettering with lowercases and a further touch of a victorian aptitude.

This percent also comes with some exchange variations in each decrease and upper cases that add in swirl flourishes, for added flowery outcomes. it contains bold, italic, heavy italic and condensed style. It is available for free download.

Conthrax Font Free

It’s installed on handwriting with a delivered revel in of calligraphic flair. Difficult and established at the same time.

That is an established typeface that is similar to walrus signature can look appropriate on an interior design magazine cover. It factors letters that include a combination of thick and thin strokes. This final results in a font that’s convenient to read.

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conthrax font - Conthrax Font Free Download

This wonderful great font has come best in a single average kind with 666 glyphs. Moreover, it has 371 numbers of characters collectively with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, & Latin supplement 1.

Showing textual content that has a quite thin stroke, but with sufficient element to be very well legible as a show font for net pages. It’s far available totally free download. You can use it for plenty of functions.

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