Top 10 Free Calligraphy Fonts

Futura Font Free Download

Futura Font

Futura font, created in 1927, by a typeace designer Paul Renner belongs to the geometric sans serif typeface family. This font was designed to contribute in the Frankfurt project. In 1924, designer Paul Renner started sketching the characters for Futura …

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Benton Sans Font Free Download

Benton Sans Font

Presenting a digital sans serif typeface called Benton Sans Font. It was designed in 1995, by a famous typeface designer Tobias Frere Jones and expended by another designer from Font Bureau named Cyrus Highsmith. This typeface was a redesigned version …

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Poiret One Font Free Download

Poiret One Font

We present the details of Poiret One Font. This classic Google font is categorized in the category of fancy family. Because of its classic styles, this texture is well-known everywhere. Denis Masharov is a brilliant mind designer who works on …

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Catamaran Font Free Download

Catamaran Font

Catamaran Font is a very famous and popular typeface in the font design industry. Pria Ravichandran is an Indian designer in the font creation industry who works on the creation of this typography. In the year 2017, the designing process …

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King Basil Font Free Download

King Basil Font

Today we discuss King Basil Font which is a very cohesive look typeface. This script calligraphic look typeface was developed and published by a well-known designer Missy Meyer. He is a very popular American designer and works hard on this …

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Libre Franklin Font Free Download

Libre Franklin Font

Libre Franklin Font is a very classic typeface and has a very attractive appearance. This is a very famous Google font and belongs to the classifications of sans-serif category of fonts. This fantastic typeface has a neat and clean texture …

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Gotham Font Family Free Download

Gotham Font 310x165 - Gotham Font Family Free Download

If you are looking for one of the most famous font on the web then you have just landed on the right page. As here we have shared the Gotham font, which is the most popular font on the web …

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Cormorant Garamond Font Free Download

Cormorant Garamond Font

Today a serif category font is under our discussion which is known as Cormorant Garamond Font. This is the family font is Cormorant Font Family. The main category of this classic typography is the serif family of fonts. Christian Thalmann …

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Prata Font Free Download

Prata Font

Hey, there to everybody! here we present Prata font which is a very cohesive look typeface. This typeface falls in the classification of serif fonts. This awesome typeface was mainly developed by the hard work of Cyreal. This texture is …

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Noto Emoji Font Free Download

Noto Emoji Font

For our all-respected audience, we introduce a famous Google font that is known as Noto Emoji Font. This stunning typeface lies in the classification of comic category because it has cartoonish characters. This texture was originally developed by Google in …

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Manga Temple Font Free Download

Manga Temple Font

Hey! On this page, we present Manga Temple Font which is a popular fancy font. This staggering typeface was mainly developed by Blambot Comic Fonts for the first time. And this typeface is categorized as fancy family. Also, this typography …

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