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In this post, We are going to share Gemsbuck 01 Font which is a famous sans serif typeface. Atok Khoirudin is the designer of this awesome font and Studio Fat Cat is the first publisher of this typeface. Gemsbuck 01 has 12 styles with 6 weights: bold, black, thin, and medium.

It is easy to specify in different app stores and website designing. This font family is also good for pairing with rabeeca font which is the closest font to this typeface. Due to its modern geometric look, many designers want to create graphics that are similar to this typeface, and generate tool is the best option for those.

Additional Features of Gemsbuck 01 Font

Gemsbuck 01 font family has 96+ characters including numerals, uppercase letters, and specially modified letters. It is good for various creative designs that are perfect for playful design purposes. This outstanding font has 100+ geometric glyphs along with two thousand and 48 units per em.

These additional features increase the worth and versatility of this font family among all designers. Different developers use this texture according to their needs and requirements.


Font Details

NameGemsbuck 01 Font
TypeSans Serif
DesignerAtok Khoirudin
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Tips to Use Gemsbuck 01 Font

Many reasons are available to use this amazing geometric sans serif typeface and we are discussing some important uses of this font.

  • Card Designs: It is good for titling and stylish names design in different wedding invitation cards, gift cards, greeting cards, business cards, visiting cards, certificate cards, and various types of postcard designs.
  • Headings: Due to its smooth and bold look, many writers use this font for page heading designs, long and short paragraph heading designs, note headings, and news headline designs purposes.
  • Web Projects: This font is easy to use in all types of web projects like website page designs, blog designs, website theme designs, and amazing template design purposes.
  • Graphic Designs: You can use this modern font for creating a more effective graphic design by using different software like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and other related software.
  • Videos Designs: It is also suitable for use in editing different video clips, movie trailers editing, and promos of TV dramas. It is also useful in presentation design by using different software like Powerpoint and Adobe Illustrator.

Gemsbuck 01 Font Download

You can download the free version of this famous font from here, just click on the download button given below, and your downloading start automatically.

Download Now

Gemsbuck 01 Font Family (Includes 06 Typeface)

  • Gemsbuck 01 Thin
  • Gemsbuck 01 Light
  • Gemsbuck 01 Regular
  • Gemsbuck 01 Medium
  • Gemsbuck 01 Bold
  • Gemsbuck 01 Black

Similars Fonts to Gemsbuck 01 Font

  • Fake Plastic Font
  • Modern Warfare Font
  • Mundo Sans Font
  • Russo One Font
  • Tempest-narrow Font
  • Frutiger Font
  • DejaVu Sans Bold Font
  • Primal Font
  • Verajja Bold Font
  • Six Caps Font


Font License and Terms

In the case of commercials, you need to purchase the license for this font which is available at a discounted price from its owner site. Once you have bought it, you will be free to utilize the font anywhere.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Gemsbuck 01 Font a Google font?

This is a famous font but not a Google font, and don’t worry about downloading this font. You can get it freely by simply clicking on one button in this post.

Who is the founder of Gemsbuck 01 Font?

Atok Khoirudin is the designer and founder of this typeface and this geometric sans serif font was published through Studio Fat Cat.

What font is most similar to Gemsbuck 01 Font?

Hanson font is the perfect alternative to this sans serif typeface it has a similar look and only its glyphs are extra bold which is different from this.

Is Gemsbuck 01 typeface good for web projects?

Yes, Gemsbuck 01 typeface is good for use in different types of web projects like website designing, theme designing, wallpapers designs, and so on related projects.

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