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Kruda Font is a stylish sans-serif typeface that comes with an elegant look. This font has five weights and three widths. Fadhl Waliy ul Haqq a very popular designer took charge of the creation of this typeface. This font family with a unique and vintage design look and was published by Akufadhl.

The popularity of this sans-serif typeface is increasing in the design marketplace. This font family has a lot of similar fonts that are available for pairing with this typeface but the neue haas grotesk font is the best option of all. The text generator tool facility for the Kruda typeface is available to convert your designs.

Additional Features of Kruda Font

Here, some additional and remarkable features of this typeface are available. This typography comes with stylistic alternates, handcrafted display glyphs, and one thousand units/em.

Kruda Font

One of the main characteristics of this font is that this typography has thirty advanced styles, including wide slanted, black slanted, and narrow thin slanted weights. Its bold glimpses make it more suitable for designers. This fantastic look font supports international languages. All handcrafted styles are available for use for personal design purposes.

Font Information

NameKruda Font
DesignerFadhl Waliy ul Haqq
TypeSans Serif
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Download and Install Kruda Font Free

Its free version is available here, just click on the download button that is given below, and your downloading start automatically.

Download Now

Kruda Font Family (Includes 30 Typeface)

  • Kruda Thin
  • Kruda Thin Slanted
  • Kruda Light
  • Kruda Light Slanted
  • Kruda Regular
  • Kruda Slanted
  • Kruda Bold
  • Kruda Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Black
  • Kruda Black Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Thin
  • Kruda Narrow Thin Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Light
  • Kruda Narrow Light Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow
  • Kruda Narrow Slanted
  • Kruda Narrow Bold
  • Kruda Narrow Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Thin
  • Kruda Wide Thin Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Light
  • Kruda Wide Light Slanted
  • Kruda Wide
  • Kruda Wide Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Bold
  • Kruda Wide Bold Slanted
  • Kruda Wide Black
  • Kruda Wide Black Slanted

Alternatives to Kruda Font

Some popular and common fonts that are alternatives to this typeface are available here.

  • Bizmo Font
  • Sharon Font
  • Fester Font
  • 39 Smooth Font
  • Postmaster Font
  • Ford Antenna Font
  • Snail Mail LDO Font
  • Balechin Royalo Font

The Usage of Kruda Font

You can use this font for different types of social media image designs, wall murals designs, banner designs, and poster design purposes. This font family is available for creating logo designs, animated book cover designs, brochure layout designs, home decor, and many other related purposes.

Kruda Font

It is available for creating stylish name designs, digital book designs, image designs, and emblems design purposes. This font family is suitable for use in high-quality paragraph design purposes. Due to its bold and slanted look, it is good for headlines and title design purposes.

You can utilize this amazing look texture for use in script designing, post description designs, animation designs, and various types of video designing purposes. This eye-catching font is appropriate for creating combinations with its similar font like silka font which is a unique sans serif typeface.

License and Contributions

The designers of this typography keep the license under some restrictions, So before using this typeface for commercial plans you would have to conform to the license of this typography. After this, you can use this texture anywhere.


Can I use Kruda Font for commercials?

Yes, you can use this amazing font for all types of commercial projects but first of all, you need to take its license.

Is Kruda Font a sans serif font?

Yes, the type of Kruda typeface is a sans serif and it was designed by Fadhl Waliy ul Haqq and published by Akufadhl.

What font is similar to Kruda Font?

A lot of fonts are similar to this typeface but paypal font is the very closest font to this amazing look typeface.

Is Kruda Font safe to use for the web?

Yes, if you know about browsing and want to use this font for different web projects then don’t worry about the security of this font.

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