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Open Dyslexic Font is a unique font that belongs to the sans serif family. Abelardo González is the designer of this typeface which was released in 2011. It comes with 09 weights and many unique styles. This amazing font has both OTF and TTF formats and the free version has only OTF.

This modern font family has a thin and bold glyph that makes your design more attractive. It is available for different background design purposes. It is appropriate for official and private projects. The characters of this font are bold weight and bottoms to indicate direction.

Its unique letters contain the perception of letters changing places. Its italic styling and wider letters are so famous in the font family. Maves font has the same glyphs as this font and is available for more unique design projects. Also, its online generator tool is available for personal text converters and designing.

Download Open Dyslexic Font Free

This font family has neat and clean features if it is your wish to use it then you will download this font just by clicking on the given button.

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Why Is the Open Dyslexic Font Soo Famous?

You can use this font for creating various types of logos designing for example companies, institutions, and famous organizations logos. This font family is easily embedded in the app UI for different design purposes. It is also good for use in brochure layouts, social media banner designs, kindle cards, and graphic designs.

It is mostly used in Windows, IOS, iPhones, and different android devices. The designer can easily use this font for Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and different designing software. You can easily use this font for documentation purposes in google docs, chrome software, MS word, and other software.

This font family is suitable for use in movie trailers designs, video editing purposes, mural designs, postcard designs, and HD wallpapers designs. You can use this amazing font for modern text effect design purposes. The designer can easily make it pair with kimberly font which is a sans-serif typeface.

Visualization of the Open Dyslexic Font

Open Dyslexic Font

Font FAQs!

Is Open Dyslexic Font free for commercials?

Yes, this font has SIL open font license and you can easily embed this font in commercially marketed products.

Who is the designer of Open Dyslexic Font?

Abelardo González is the designer of the Open Dyslexic typeface that comes in the sans serif family with unique glyphs.

What font is alternative to Open Dyslexic Font?

The best alternative font to this amazing font is mostery font which comes in the sans serif category.

Can I use an Open Dyslexic typeface for logos?

Yes, you can use this amazing font for different types of logo projects as well as sale image and symbol designing purposes.

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