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Serpentine Font is a sans-serif typeface that is an extended family of more than 15 fonts. Each font contains 5 weights making the typeface allrounder. It was designed by an American graphic and typeface designer Dick Jensen in 1972. With passing years various modifications were made in order to make it an exceptional typeface. The designer is known for his quality-based work in the designing field.

The font contains 3 types, including alt, traditional and Italic and this will look more good when used with arvo font . Each type consists of 9 weights, be it heavy or skinny, that resulted in more than 25 styles. A few weights of this typeface include Serpentine Font Pro-light, Serpentine Font Pro medium, Pro Medium oblique, Pro Bold Oblique, Pro Bold, etc. The font has been seen on many platforms for the last many years.

Because of being a large family, it is called one of the most versatile sans-serif fonts that can go well in numerous places and with many different fonts. Though you can download the font free of cost in the system but if it is not in your system and you don’t want to keep it, use Serpentine Font Generator. This generator is a tool that is specially used to let you create unlimited Serpentine Font designs online freely.

Furthermore, if you have downloaded the font in your system taken from the internet, this tool will help you to make it web-safe if it isn’t. The all process is done free of cost.

Serpentine Font History

In the 1930s, an American typeface designer designed this typeface while keeping in mind all the important aspects of typography. It became highlighted soon after its appearance and became a priority for many platforms along with the nova display font. With time, the family became bigger and bigger, and today it has become a versatile family that can be used in one way or another.

The features and characters of this typeface make it a perfect font to be utilized in different typeface projects. Sans-serif fonts are already known for being legible typeface, and so does Serpentine Font. They provide the design with a unique and catchy look and make it look cool and pleasant. It also carries many alternatives that you can use in your designs as well.

History of Serpentine Font
History of Serpentine Font

A few alternatives of Serpentine Font include Serpentine Sans font, Eurostile, and a few others. The best element of this typeface is, it can go well in many places; that’s why it has a massive usage. It contains many weights including bold, condensed, oblique, etc.

Font Information

NameSerpentine Font
DesignerDick Jensen
FoundryURW Type Foundry.
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1972
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Serpentine Font

Like other typeface such as slash display font, it was also extensively used in many places and platforms in the past and is still being utilized. It is a huge family; that’s why anyone can avail maximum benefit of this typeface. It can be used in different places in one way or another that makes this font worth using.

Many few fonts can be used for small-size texts as well as heading simultaneously, but fortunately, Serpentine Font has this capacity. Let’s figure out those places where this font can become a priority.

1- Branding

You might have often seen that for branding purposes, designers mostly use minimal sans-serif typeface that gives a professional look to the design so when we talk about using a sans-serif typeface, Serpentine Font is an ideal choice for this purpose. You can definitely consider this font in your next branding project that will provide a minimal and professional touch.

2- Websites

The next one on the list is the website. Whatever your website is above, this unique and versatile font can surely fit in it. If you are thinking of switching your font, go ahead with this one.

3- Packaging

If we talk about packaging, most sans-serif fonts are seen being used because sans-serif fonts are known for being the best fonts that gives clean and clear touch to the design. Hence, for packaging purpose you can clearly consider this font.

4- Others

Other than that, you can consider this font in almost every possible place. Use it on small-size texts because to increases the readanility score, use it on Headings, Logos, Texts, Banners, Posters, Advertisement, Assignments and others.

Serpentine Font View

Serpentine Font View
Serpentine Font View

Serpentine Family (Includes 6 Styles)

  1. Serpentine Pro Light
  2. Serpentine Pro Light Oblique
  3. Serpentine Pro Medium
  4. Serpentine Pro Medium Oblique
  5. Serpentine Pro Bold
  6. Serpentine Pro Bold Oblique

Similar Fonts to Serpentine

  • Enter Sansman Bold Italic
  • NissanOpti-Italic
  • Modi Thorson Condensed
  • Share Bold Italic
  • Racing Sans One
  • Audimat Mono BoldOblique
  • Ellipsoideogram
  • Freeroad Bold Italic

License Information

If you want to chose the paid version, buy the license of Serpentine Font and enjoy its extended usage. After license you can use the font on every level of projects including commercial, Digital and Printing.

Serpentine Font Free Download

If you want free downloading of this font, go to the below mentioned link and get it down within seconds easily. However, the downloaded font will be limited to your personal work projects only. For extended usage, you need to choose the paid version.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Serpentine Font?

Serpentine is a sans-serif typeface that contains an extended font family. Each font comprises different weights making it a versatile font. Dick Jensen designed this font in 1972 after which it was seen in many typeface projects.

Is Serpentine Font Free for Commercial Use?

It contains 2 versions like every other font including free and paid versions. If you want to avail its features and characters for commercial use, buy the license and start using it excessively.

What Is Serpentine Font Generator?

It is a tool that is used online free of cost. The main purpose of this tool is to let you create different Serpentine Font designs without font downloading. It is also used for the compatibility purpose so that the font can go along with every browser.

Is Serpentine Font Worth Using?

It is one of the highly used fonts so you can surely consider it for different purposes. It has been applied on many notable and prominent places so you can clearly consider it for the next project.

Where Serpentine Font Can Be Used?

It is a popular choice for packaging, Websites, Branding, Headings and small size texts. It increases the legibility score so you can consider it in order to make the design readable.

Is Serpentine Font a Professional Font?

This sans-serif typeface surely gives a professional touch to the design so we can say that it is a professional font.

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