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Here, We are discussing a new typeface known as Agrandir Font. This stylish font is a sans serif typeface that was invented by Alex Slobzheninov. Its attractive look is best for use in attractive styles. This font has well-arranged characters and it consists of more than 102 glyphs along with one thousand and ten units per em.

It comes in seven weights along with some styles. This typeface also looks like with geometric font due to its rounded corners. The individual letters of this typeface are so famous all over the world. It is best for big headlines and title purposes.

How Agrandir Font Enhances Your Design Aesthetics

A lot of graphic designers love this typeface and make its pairing with brooklyn font for more interesting font designs. It is not a Google font but you can easily get it from our website and use it for different types of official and private type purposes.

This stylish typeface has many unique and helpful features that’s why it has many uses.  You can utilize this stunning typeface for ebook covers, comic covers, invoices, assignments, and other related general purposes. It is best for newspaper designs, gift card designs, and fashion magazine designs.

Many designers use this typeface in different types of designing software CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Illustrator. It is best for use in signature designs, wall murals designs, emblems designs, and many other related purposes.

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This interesting font has many useful features like logo designs, postcards designs, and poster designs. Its attractive structure is so famous all in the design market. Many people make its pairing with pro sans serif font for new graphic designing.

Agrandir Font

What People Want to Know Most Frequently!

Is Agrandir Font free?

Yes, you can use this outstanding and unique font for commercial and business-type projects without any purchasing or other issues.

What font is Agrandir?

The type of this typeface is sans serif and the main designer of this typeface is Alex Slobzheninov.

Is there any similar font to Agrandir Font?

There are many similar fonts to this typeface but neosteel font is the perfect alternative font to this typeface.

Is Agrandir Font safe for my PC?

Yes, this modern font is fully secure for all types of PC. It is also safe for Andriod devices, Mac, and operating systems.

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