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American typewriter font is a serif font. Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed this font in 1974. TC American Typewriter and Helvetica Typewriter are the other names for American typewriter font. The New York manufacturing Corporation ITC founded this typeface. The font is best utilized to represent old-style text or images. Furthermore, you can use American typewriter font free excessively in the media field.

It contains numerous weights and styles, including Bold, semibold, regular, etc. Moreover, it makes the best pairing with Courier New Font that has many identical features with the American Typewriter font. You can also get ease with the American typewriter font Generator. You can create text-based font logos and designs with this tool.

The font has individual condensed styles along with a  family of 4 weights. However, a few fonts don’t carry Italic weight.

American Typewriter Font History

In the early 1970s, this font was shown for the first time for the viewer’s use. However, it is not the first typeface that emulates typewriting. Previously, many fonts were designed with the same style. In the late 19th century, there are many fonts that depict typewriting style. In the start, the early letters or characters of this font were replaced for printing purposes.

History of American Typewriter Font

It is basically done to give the same amount of space to each character and its works well with campground font. Furthermore, you can get American typewriter font free in many different versions, i.e. TTF and OTF.

Font Information

NameAmerican Typewriter Font
DesignerJoel Kaden, Tony Stan
FoundryInternational Typeface Corporation
TypeSlab Serif
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1974
LicenseOnly Allowed for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of American typewriter font

The font is widely known for being highlighted in the media field in all these years. An American Sitcom, Young Sheldon, used this typeface on their logo for many years. A notable slogan I love New York also used this typeface in the past. Furthermore, an American television series, The Office, highlighted this typeface on its logo.

IOS and macOS also included this typeface in one of their applications. Hence, you can feature this font along with the scriptina fontin various platforms incorporating websites, designs, logos, titles etc.

American Typewriter Font View

American Typewriter Font View
American Typewriter Font View

American Typewriter Font Family (Includes 8 Styles)

  1. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light
  2. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light Italic
  3. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium
  4. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium Italic
  5. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold
  6. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Italic
  7. ITC American Typewriter Pro Light Condensed
  8. ITC American Typewriter Pro Medium Condensed
  9. ITC American Typewriter Pro Bold Condensed

Similar Fonts to American Typewriter

  • LMMonoLt10-BoldOblique
  • NeoBulletin Italic
  • LMMonoPropLt10-BoldObliqu
  • Seb Slab
  • LMMonoSlant10-Regular
  • UTMTimesBold Italic
  • OPTIBookmanBoldItalicSwas
  • OPTIBarMay-MediumItalic

License Information

You surely need a license and complete authority to use the font for your paid work. Once you buy the license, you can use the font in your commercial, printing, trading, and digital projects as well.

American typewriter font Free Download

It is straight and easy to get hands-on this font for your personal use. You can easily obtain American typewriter font free in your system from the mentioned link. You can use it in all your unpaid projects after downloading.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is the American Typewriter Font?

It is a serif typeface that is based on one of the fonts of an American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes. Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed this font in the early 1970s that gained huge appreciation.

Is American Typewriter Font Free to Use for Commercial Work?

You can get the font free to use for all your personal and unpaid work. However, you need the licensing authority for other use.

Which Font Is Similar to The American Typewriter Font?

Museo Slab Font contains much resemblance with this font and is considered ideal to use in a similar design.

Where You Can Use American Typewriter Font?

You can apply the font to logos, websites, designs, Titles, etc. The media widely used this font in the past few years. Many popular companies and series have used it in their logos.

What Is an American Typewriter Font Generator?

This tool is a perfect choice to make different beautiful American typewriter font designs free of cost. Furthermore, you can also remove compatibility issues with this tool.

Who Designed the American Typewriter Font?

Joel Kaden and Tony Stan designed this font in 1974.

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