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Libre Baskerville Font is a serif typeface that is a transitional Serif classification. A noteworthy English Businessman and typeface designer, John Baskerville, designed the Baskerville family in the 1750s, while Libre Baskerville was originated by Pablo Impallari. It is considered one of the best versions of old type typefaces that can be applied on different platforms. It was released under G. Peignot et Fils and Linotype Foundry.

The typeface earned him huge popularity, and he became one of the worth considering designers. After his death, the font was sold to a French Publisher. Various versions of this typeface have been released since its formation, among which Mrs. Eaves top the chart. It came into being in 1996 by Zuzana Licko and is widely used in Headings and Texts. This version was released by a California foundry, Emigre.

An online Font Generator with the name Libre Baskerville Font Generator is also used in order to create different captivating font Logos and Posters free of cost and this is part of Baskerville Font family. The Generator also helps to make the font agreeable with your browser so that you can use the font excessively. It is a web font widely used for text body and is based on Baskerville.

Libre Baskerville Font History

It is one of the highly used Google fonts that is entirely based on Baskerville Typeface. It is one of the highly adored and used typefaces that comprises many versions and weights, but unfortunately, the Italic and Bold version are still missing. It comprises a wide X-height, wide counters, and less contrast. It makes the content readable and goes well for small size texts.

In 2012, the font was updated with additional features and characters and made it more engaging. It supports different languages; that’s why it is being used across the globe. The font is highly accessible in Alpha type, Cold type, Berthold, Harris, etc. Make your design alluring with this typeface.

History of Libre Baskerville Font
History of Libre Baskerville Font

You can also get your hands on different appropriate alternatives to this font, including Mrs. Eaves and Kostic Serif font. They both prove to be the best alternative to this typeface because of carrying many similarities. You can use any of the mentioned fonts instead of Libre Baskerville Font in your projects. On many notable platforms, the font made an appearance that increased the font’s worth and popularity.

Font Information

NameLibre Baskerville Font
DesignerJohn Baskerville
FoundryG. Peignot et Fils, Linotype Foundry
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1750
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version


This elegant and clear typeface remained the first choice for many designers, and since the font releases, it has been highlighted excessively in many places. Let’s discuss those places where this font remained prominent and earned all the limelight. Those platforms include:

1- Websites

A notable website Gygi that is known for selling utensils, used this font in the past along with other typefaces. The Libre Baskerville remained their primary font for many years. The font was highlighted on Headings, while a Sans-serif font Raleway typeface was also featured for the body.

A notable typeface designer Cristian Vargas who is known for designing different websites, used this typeface in his portfolio webpage and didn’t fail to capture everyone’s attention. Later it was applied in many other noted websites that made the font popular and worth using.

The Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes that was held internationally also applied this font. It is an ideal choice to be featured in many headlines. It carried many characters and weights that make it a flawless choice in many cases and circumstances.

If you have a website, then you can make use of this font in the body texts because it makes the context readable and let people understand what’s written even from a distance. You can also apply the font on headings as it has been used by different big brands on their Logos and Headings. It is a versatile typeface that can make a great appearance in numerous domains and platforms. Go for this font and make your design appear wonderful and appreciative.

Libre Baskerville Font View

Libre Baskerville Font View
Libre Baskerville Font View

Libre Baskerville Font Family (Includes 3 Styles)

  1. Libre Baskerville Regular
  2. Libre Baskerville Italic
  3. Libre Baskerville Bold

Similar Fonts to Libre Baskerville

License Information

The font emerged as an open license, so it is free from any license issue. It is one of the worth suing choices that you can make in order to make your design and project successful. Now using consummate fonts in your commercial projects free of cost has become an easy task, and all thanks to Libre Baskerville Font.

Libre Baskerville Font Free Download

It was designed under an open-source license, so it gives you the opportunity to make expanded use of the font everywhere without any license specification. Download the font right now in your Windows and Mac from the link attached to this guide and make your work splendid. You can download the font in different formats, including TTF and OTF.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Libre Baskerville Font?

It is a Transitional Serif typeface that is based on the Baskerville font family released many years ago that provides you with a touch of old-style typefaces. It is a highly used Google font that is web optimized and excessively sued for body texts.

Who Designed Libre Baskerville Font?

Pablo Impallari designed this font many years ago. Later in 2012, it was updated with additional features and characteristics, making it a perfect font for every type of work and project.

Which Font Goes Well with Libre Baskerville Font?

You can get an appropriate alternative to this font, among which worth mentioning are Apercu and Kostic Serif.

Is Libre Baskerville Font Free for Commercial Use?

It is a free font that was designed under an open-source license. You can use the font for different projects, including commercial, Digital, and Printing, free of cost.

What Is Libre Baskerville Font Generator?

It is an online free of cost tool that let you create different font Logos and Posters without downloading the font. You can also make the downloaded font web-safe to design it excessively in your projects.

Is Libre Baskerville Font Good to Use?

It is a perfect font that has been used by many large companies and Brands. You can also apply the font in your websites, text body, and designs to make it appreciable.

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