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Lato Font is a sans-serif typeface that comes under the Humanist classification. The word ‘Lato’ derives from ‘Summer’ which is designed by Łukasz Dziedzic, a typeface popular designer known for his incredible work throughout his career. It was made public in 2010, after which the font became unstoppable.

In 2018 it was estimated that the font had been featured on more than 9 million websites that were the font’s huge success. Every day it crosses billions of views and is in the list of 3rd highly-used Google fonts. The font originated under an open-source license, so it is accessible worldwide, due to which more and more people get their hands on this font.

In 2015, the Lato family released its new version designed by the same designer for a Polish Bank. The font family keeps releasing new versions with additional font weights and versions, due to which it is excessively used everywhere for all the correct reasons. You can surely give Lato Font a try in your next projects and websites without getting disappointed.

Lato Font History

The main idea behind designing this typeface was to come up with a design that looks Transparent whenever used in a design body. The Lato font is accessible in 9 weights, out of which every weight carries an Italic version. It comprises a total of 18 Variants and supports maximum languages; that’s why its usage is widespread. In 2014 additional updates were made to the Lato font and came up with an additional version that was named Lato 2.0.

You can get along with many similar fonts to Lato that are worth mentioning. A few of them include Raleway font, PT Sans, Open Sans, and many others. They all make the best combination and make the design captivating. The languages it supports include Greek, Cyclic, and IPA.

It also offers a Lato Font Generator tool through which you can design many appealing Lato font Designs, Logos, and Texts free of cost without downloading the font in your system. Furthermore, it provides you with the facility to make the downloaded font web-friendly if it isn’t and make it compatible to be used in every type of browser.

History of Lato Font
History of Lato Font

This Humanist Sans-serif typeface contains many characters that make an ideal choice to be applied in small size texts. The font is one of the highly recommendable choices that won’t make you feel regretful after using it in your newly created projects and designs.

Font Information

NameLato Font
DesignerŁukasz Dziedzic
FoundryGoogle Fonts
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2010
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Lato font

There is not a single platform where this font didn’t make an appearance. Soon after it releases and made public, every designer tried to get his hands on this amazing design. A few noted places where this font was applied include:

1- Websites

You might have noticed this font on different websites. In 2020, the Peak performance website used this typeface along with the Sans typeface. Vasantha Yogananthan’s website also applied this font to its Logo. In 2015, Monolith Website used this font along with other fonts. In 2014, a New York website applied this font to its Display.

2- Magazine

There is a long list of publications where this font was used. In 2015, Chidusz Magazine used this font in their Display along with Ubuntu. In many election campaigns, Lato Font remained the center of attention. The main reason for its popularity in publications and magazines is, that it makes the small size texts readable and legible.

3- Others

In 2012 a project with the name ‘Streamline’ was introduced and earned huge popularity. The font used on that project is Lato typeface. A product designer Chad Mazzola used this font in 2012. The font had also been applied in Lego Overwatch in 2014. ‘The Visible Voices Podcast’ also used this font in the past.

Hence, you can make use of this font on many platforms, including your website, Logos, Posters, Banners, Displays, Advertisements, Projects, Headings, Titles, etc. It makes your design outstanding and lets you compete in the market.

Lato Font Family View

Lato Font
Lato-Font View

Lato Font Family (Includes 18 Typeface)

  1. Lato-Hairline
  2. Lato Hairline Italic
  3. Lato Thin
  4. Lato-Thin Italic
  5. Lato Light
  6. Lato Light Italic
  7. Lato-Regular
  8. Lato Italic
  9. Lato Medium
  10. Lato-Medium Italic
  11. Lato Semibold
  12. Lato Semibold Italic
  13. Lato-Bold
  14. Lato Bold Italic
  15. Lato Heavy
  16. Lato-Heavy Italic
  17. Lato Black
  18. Lato Black Italic

Similar Fonts to Lato Font

License Information

One of the main elements that make this font worth using is, that it is free from license restrictions. You can make your commercial and Digital projects outstanding without buying the license. You can also modify the font as per your requirement. Now using startling fonts free of cost is no longer a challenging task.

Lato Font Free Download

Fortunately, the font is approachable to everyone across the globe without any usage limitations. If you want to use a font in your designs free of cost, here is a perfect recommendation for you. Below is the link mentioned from where you can download Lato Font to your system. Later use the font everywhere you want.

Click to Download

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Kind of Font Is Lato?

The Lato font is a sans-serif typeface that emerged in 2010. Later in 2015, its latest version was released as Lato 2.0 with additional features and characters. The font is the first choice for many designers and is widely used across the globe.

Is Lato a Good Font?

If we talk about sans-serif typefaces, it is one of the unique and interesting typefaces that surely is a perfect choice to be used in many places. Because of being an extended family, it is a versatile font that makes your design class apart and lets the reader enjoy the content.

Is Lato a Google Font?

It is a humanist sans-serif typeface that has been used on more than 9 Million websites since its release. It is a free font that can be used both for personal and commercial purposes without any license restriction.

Is Lato a Free Font for Commercial Use?

Lato is a free typeface that was developed under SIL Open Font License. You can use Lato Font in your personal and commercial projects free of cost.

How Do I Get Lato Font in Word?

Go to the Control Panel and click on the Appearance and Personalization option. You will come across the Font option that you have to click. Drop and Drag the font in the Window, and it will be accessible in the world.

Who Designed Lato Font?

Łukasz Dziedzic designed this font for the first time which was later made public in 2010.

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