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Lavanderia Font is a calligraphy font that belongs to the Script typeface. It is an ideal typeface to be used in designs where you want to add a fun element. The font originated by a California typeface designer James T. Edmondson. The designer used to run his company, James T. Edmondson, in California, where he worked as a typeface designer throughout his career.

It comprises many weights, including Regular, Bold, Italic, etc., that you can consider using in your next big projects. Since the font came on the surface, it has been used in many places by different notable typeface designers and this is similar to woodlands font. It comprises, Numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and is accessible free of cost but only for your personal and non-commercial work projects.

Lavanderia Regular is one of the highly used sub-family of Lavanderia Font and has the trademark of the same designer. It released many versions, and the most recent one is Version 1.100. Furthermore, it comprises an online tool with the name Lavanderia Font Generator that is used for different purposes. You can create different Lavanderia Font designs and posters with this Generator without spending any penny. It also allows you to make the font web-safe so that you can use it in maximum places.

Lavanderia Font History

This script handwritten typeface Lavanderia Font was designed many years ago while keeping in mind the necessity of designing a font with a fun element. For branding projects, this font can be excessively used. The designer designed this font after being inspired by the font used on San Francisco’s Mission windows. It has many OpenType characteristics and includes 3 weights.

This stylish font has standard ligatures, contains contextual alternates, carries Titling alternates, stylistic alternatives, and many other Opentype features. If you are running a website that requires a modern and fun element, Lavanderia Font would be an ideal choice for this purpose. The designer got his hands on this amazing and stylish typeface under his own company James T. Edmondson based in California.

History Of Lavanderia Font
History Of Lavanderia Font

Furthermore, you can use different alternatives of this typeface instead of using this font. A few worth mentioning alternatives to this font include Frutilla Script Typeface, MountainscriptOpti font, and a few others. They all carry many similarities and prove to be the best alternative. You also have many options for downloading the font, i.e., OTF, TTF, and others. Once it is downloaded into the system, use it freely in your projects.

Font Information

NameLavanderia Font
DesignerJames T. Edmondson
FoundryLost Type Coroperation
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2011
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Lavanderia Font

The font and its sub-family Regular Lavanderia Font have been used on many platforms and give a perfect touch to the design. Every designer made this typeface their first choice after its release. There is a long list of platforms where this font was seen being used in different ways with different fonts like whispers calligraphy font. Let’s put a light on a few platforms where this typeface was used or where you can use it in the future.

1- Websites

The font has been picked for many websites in the past and is still being used by many beginner and professional designers. You can clearly use the actual font or any of its weight and versions in your next website that will make the design stylish and appealing.

2- Projects

If you are working on a branding project, here is a perfect font for you. It has been widely used in branding projects in the past, so if you are looking forward to using a font for this purpose, Lavanderia Font is here for you.

3- Others

It let you design unlimited appealing and captivating designs, covers, Logos, store names, and many other places. You can clearly consider this typeface in your next project.

Lavanderia Font View

Lavendria Font View
Lavendria Font View

Lavanderia Font Family (Includes 4 Styles)

  • Lavanderia Regular
  • Lavanderia Bold
  • Lavanderia Italic
  • Lavanderia Condensed

Similar Fonts to Lavanderia

  • Eutemia I Italic
  • Young Ranger
  • Kurnia
  • MahoganyOpti
  • Stea Calligraphy Font
  • BrockScript
  • Reliant
  • MountainScriptOpti

License Information

The font comprises paid version, too, so in case you want to make use of this typeface for commercial projects, you can use this font after buying the license. The license is accessible from different platforms. After the licensing authority, make your commercial, Digital, and Printing project successful.

Lavanderia Font Free Download

If you want to download this font free of cost, go for the below-mentioned provided link and include it in your projects free of cost. The link will allow you to use the font only for your non-commercial projects.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Lavanderia Font?

It is a calligraphy script typeface that was originated by James T. Edmondson, a California typeface designer. It was designed in his own company James T. Edmondson based in California. The fun came into being to be used for stylish and fun websites. For packaging, it is considered the first choice of every designer.

Is Lavanderia Font Free for Commercial Purposes?

Lavanderia Font is free only for your personal and non-commercial projects. It comprises free and paid versions, and the paid version can be obtained after buying the license. The license is available on many reliable platforms. Get the licensing authority and enjoy its unique features.

Who Designed Lavanderia Font?

A California typeface designer James T. Edmondson who is known for his exceptional work in the designing field, is the man behind designing this stylish and appealing typeface that is mainly used for fun designs.

What Is Lavanderia Font Generator?

It is an online tool that is used for many reasons. Above all, it let you create different Lavanderia Font Logos, Posters, banners, etc., free of cost without having the font in your system. Furthermore, it makes the font web-safe so that no compatibility issue comes.

Is Lavanderia Font Worth Using?

The font is one of the worth recommended script fonts that made it waved many decades ago, and even today, it is considered the first choice for many platforms for all the right reasons. From official to non-official work projects, you can use the font in different ways.

Where Can Lavanderia Font Be Used?

If we check the past history of this typeface, it was used immensely for packaging projects. You can consider this font in your next or already existed website in order to give it a stylish look. Other than that, you can use the font in Logos, Titles, Headings, etc.

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  1. I absolutely love this font, except for the extra flourish that is added to an “e” when it falls at the end of a word. Drives me crazy because it makes it look like the letter “s” is added. (I am working in publisher.) It makes it hard to read. Any suggestions?

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