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In this post, We are consulting a minimalist sans serif type font known as Lozange Font. This font has a versatile and elegant look. It was designed by Robin Campistron and published through RC Graphics. It has more than one hundred eye-catching glyphs that come with 2048 units per em.

What is the type of Lozange Font?

This typeface falls in the classification of the sans serif family of fonts. This trendy look font has broken characters with stylish shapes. It consists of alphabets, punctuations, and special modified characters. This display looks in sans serif font and has multiple features that are good for use for various purposes. This font family supports a number of international languages.

The text generator tool of this font is available for creating graphics designs. This font family is good for creating pairing with moderan font. It is good for use in branding different projects. The designer can pick this font for use in their CSS and other designing purposes.

Lozange Font

Lozange Font

Exploring the Different Styles of Lozange Font

You can use this font for creating animated book covers designs, wall murals designs, note designs, and so on. This font family is suitable for header designs, clothing designs, magazine covers designs and headlines design purposes. It is also suitable for ebook covers and product packaging purposes.

By using this font, you can make your design more useable and readable for viewers and customers. This typeface is good for use in background image designs, home decor designs, and so on related purposes. It is also suitable for letterhead designs, movie trailers, video editing purposes, and comic cover designs. It is effective for Adobe as well as Canva.

This font family is also suitable for use in different types of advertisement purposes, text overlay designs, and many other related purposes. You can also use this font is more advanced designing purposes by making combinations with its similar glyph font known as bauhaus font.

How to Download Lozange Font?

If you want to utilize this font for your projects then click on the below download button but it is not useful for official and business purposes. You must purchase its license for other projects.

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Lozange Font Family

This stunning typography includes three styles Bold, Extra Bold, and regular. Each style has its own appearance and characteristics. The regular style is the original and main style while the Bold style is thicker than the regular and the third one which is extra bold is darker than the bold style. All of these styles are well-suitable for various projects according to need.

Lozange Font Pair Well With

You know the importance of pairing fonts is increasing rapidly. The cohesive look and styles of Lozange font make it effective for pairing with different types of serif and sans serif fonts. You can also pair this typeface with Agker Font.

This typography pairs well with Blanka Font and generates more interesting and classic designs. A few more sans serif typefaces are available that are effective for pairing are Reglo Font, ITC Willow Font, Febre Font, Tower Hamlets Font, Racing Sans Font, Sega Font, and Elianto Font.

License Information

You can use this typeface for all personal type tasks and if you want to utilize it for commercial then must buy its license from an authorized website. So, you will have to contact the original author of this typeface to buy the proper license.

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