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Marvel considers as a real part of its characters such as Spiderman, Ant-man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Black Widow, and many more characters. There is a well-known American company with the name Marvel Comic that has generated these characters. The font used on the logo of companies took all the limelight along with these characters. You can download this typeface free in innumerable formats.

However, Benton Sans Extra Comp Black is the actual font used on its Title. Tobias Frere Jones and Cyrus Highsmith designed this elegant typeface. It has different weights incorporating Regular, Bold, etc. Furthermore, you can get a chance to design different posters and Logos of this typeface. You can do it with a text generator known as an online generator tool. This tool is free from any charges.

Marvel Font History

Marvel comic American company originated many years ago that produced many popular and worth admiring characters. Besides characters, Benton Sans Extra Comp Black, the font used on the company’s logo, also inspired the audience. The logo is featured on a red background with the text written in white.

"History of Marvel Font"

Furthermore, you can get similar fonts for your design easily, i.e. Automata Font and Marvel 2. They all have many similarities that make them perfect similar typefaces.

Font Information

NameMarvel Font
DesignerMarvel Comic
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of Marvel Font

It has gained immense acceptance after being featured on Marvel comic company logo. Hence, using the font on the logo or title of a company or series is clearly the top choice that you can make. Furthermore, you can apply this font easily with the combination of ocean font to your websites, designs, printing work, publishing, layout, cards, invitation cards, graphic designs, and a lot more.

You can easily download this typeface free in your system to make your projects appealing and convincing. This font family might be something you are looking forward to using in your designs in order to make them successful.

Marvel Font View

Marvel Font
Marvel Font View

Marvel Font Family (Includes 4 Typeface)

  1. Marvel Regular
  2. Marvel Italic
  3. Marvel Bold
  4. Marvel Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Marvel Font

License Information

You need to get a license in order to overly use the font in all your projects. You can get access to the license from the right authority. Hence, after the license, you are free to make use of a broader term.

Marvel Font Free Download

You need a license first to use it on a large scale. However, you can download the font for your personal work for free. Once it is downloaded, you can experience the font in your unpaid and unofficial projects without limitations.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Is the Font for Marvel?

Benton Sans Compressed Black font is the real typeface. Benton Sans Compressed Black is said to be the same fonts with identical letterings. Moreover, Tobias Frere Jones and Cyrus Highsmith designed this font.

What is the type of Marvel Font?

It is a typeface applied to the Marvel Comic company Logo. This American company is famous for producing many characters that became everyone’s favorite, including Spiderman, Captain Marvel, etc.

Is Marvel Font Free for All Projects?

You need a license to obtain for all the projects. You can easily get the license from various sites that are offering at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, after access, use it in all your required places.

Where Can You Use Marvel Font?

You can use the font in different logos, titles, banners, websites, designs, cards, and other places.

What is the Generator tool of Marvel Font?

It is a tool that designers use to make beautiful designs of Marvel font logos and posters. You can get access to this tool online without license and font downloading demand. Furthermore, you can preview your design on this tool before saving it.

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