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Here, We are introducing a unique look font that you do not see before known as Masis Font. This modern font has a dingbats category and it comes in individual look characters. It was published by Fontographer 3.5 in California and the designer of this amazing font is Raffi Kojian.

Now, We are going to discuss the character map of this modern typeface. This font family has 52 alphabets, 26 are uppercase, 26 are lowercase, and special characters, and numbers. The glyphs of this font have 100+ that come with 1024 units per em and the file of this font is True Type.

This fantastic font has useful features due to its unique look. A lot of designers like it and use it for their projects for bringing the attention of the audience. It has many alternative fonts and you can pick enochian font for the perfect similar dingbat font to this typeface.

Important Tips to Utilize the Masis Font

This font is suitable for making logo designs for different famous organizations and educational institutions. You can pick this font for making name designs, title designs, and profile designs for different professional projects. It is perfect for making emblems designs, ebooks, and comic book covers designs.

You can also utilize this amazing typeface for making t-shirt designs, brand logo designs, product packaging purposes, and clothes design purposes. This texture is suitable for stationery designs, watermarks on pages, website designs, web page designs, video thumbnail designs, and templated designs.

You can use this eye-catching font for creating text overlays, HD photography designs, wall mural designs, homeware designs, and invoice design purposes. This unique font is so good for use in the process of presentation design purposes. Due to its individual look, the designer can make it pair with irken font for more designs.

Masis Font Visual Image

Masis Font

Download Masis Font Font Free

You can download this modern dingbats font from here, So just single click on the download button now and enjoy this font on your operating system.

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Your FAQ: Answers by Expert Designers!

Who is the designer of Masis Font?

Raffi Kojian is the main designer of this dingbat font. This font was released in California for the first time.

Where can we use Masis Font?

You can utilize this dingbat for dingbat text designs, brand logo designs, amazing poster designs, and wall murals design purposes.

What is the online generator tool of Masis Font?

Simple text can be converted into graphics with this free tool, which you are welcome to use for your own design projects.

Is there any similar font to Masis Font?

Yes, Itc zapf dingbats font is a similar dingbat font to this typeface and you can make its pairing in different designs projects.

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