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One of the noted script typefaces, Mistral font, is a Casual script font that Roger Excoffon composed many years ago. He was a designer living in France who was acknowledged for his beaming work in the designing field. The best part about this typeface is the designer designed this font in his handwriting that gave a pleasant and appealing look to the font. Mistral font free can be downloaded in TTF and OTF format.

An English Foundry, Fonderie Olive, delivered this beautiful masterpiece in 1953. Furthermore, the strokes of this font incorporate many similarities with ink and brush; that’s why it is named one of the most vital calligraphy typefaces that can be used with silicia script font. After the font was made public, different designers got their hands on this font and produced various versions to make it more agreeable and more approachable.

If we talk about ligatures of this typeface, it comprises many, but they have never been released in the digital version. It is said that Mistral font letters give the vibe of cursive writings, which means the letters of Mistral font are affixed together. Furthermore, Mistral font logos can be beautifully designed without any restraints by using a Mistral font generator. It is a common way for designers to produce beautiful designs.

Mistral Font History

The history of this font commenced in the early 1950s when this font contracted its first impression. The designer conceived this font while keeping in mind the minor aspects of the typeface. This calligraphy typeface freed different versions incorporating Staccato 222. The font is adorned with all the lower case and upper case letters that loom perfect on the screen. The subfamily of Mistral font is Regular.

History of Mistral Font
History of Mistral Font

Mistral has a complete set of styles and weights that kept increasing with time. The new version came with more weights and styles. You can also think about using similar fonts in a design that will make your design more captivating. Panton Font is the best choice for this purpose.

Font Information

NameMistral Font
FoundryFonderie Olive, Amsterdam Type foundry
DesignerRoger Excoffon
Type Casual script
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1953
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Mistral Font

Mistral font is one of those typefaces that people admire to use in their designs to compete in the market. There are a few fonts that turn all the designers working in the designing field, and unavoidably, Mistral font is one of them. On many platforms, it made an imposing presentation. It is made with a touch of ink and brush, so it gives another level of vibes to design that the public surely enjoys.

This font made a prominent rise in different covers, shops, packaging, home designs, brands, T-shirts, etc. It provides a stylish touch when used with wildwest brush font. You can take a lot of advantages with this typeface by applying it on various platforms. It guarantees to give you competent results. Furthermore, in the entertainment industry, it is widely used and leaves a powerful impact on the public.

This entire Mistral font family can give a huge boost to your work, so why not experience this typeface to earn massive success? Furthermore, this font was specially designed to give an elegant touch to the design.

Mistral Font View

Mistral Font View
Mistral Font View

Similar Fonts to Mistral Font

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  • Lovetime Script
  • OPTI Mistral
  • WaifSSK
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  • VNI-Thufap1
  • Benja

License Information

The license can be obtained with permission and authority. After getting the font license, you are free to take maximum benefit of its paid version as well. Furthermore, the paid version can be utilized in all commercial and printing work.

Mistral Font free Download

This sophisticated font is easy to install in your system with 1 click. You can easily copy-paste the font on your device by downloading the link. However, the free version has many limitations that won’t let you use the font on a broader term. Keep the font for your personal work only.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Mistral Font Free?

Mistral font is free for all the unpaid work. You can experience the free version of this font for all your unofficial work. For further use, go for the license and get it in your system to fully enjoy the attributes of this typeface.

What Type of Font Is Mistral Font?

It is a casual script font designed by a French designer Roger Excoffon many years ago. Furthermore, It is the own handwriting of the designer that he formed into a typeface.

Where Can You Use Mistral Font?

You can use the font in websites, homeware designing, Titles, packaging, projects, etc. This sophisticated font has a stylish touch that you would surely love to apply in your designs to make them successful.

Who Designed Mistral Font?

Roger Excoffon, a French designer, commissioned this font for Fonderie Olive in the 1950s. Afterward, many versions of this font were seen making highlights.

What Is a Mistral Font Generator?

This tool is excessively employed to compose beautiful designs without the restraint of having font in your system. All the process is acquired online free of cost. Furthermore, this tool is here to let you get rid of compatibility problems.

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