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Northwell typeface is an attractive font that comes in the category of the brush font family. This Font is designed with a variety of stylish characters and it is a brand font. This typeface is available in two styles, i.e., fully smooth and rustic.

Sam Parrett a font designer created this brush typeface in April 2018. There are numerous cool characters and attractive strokes available in it. You can create awesome script designs, calligraphy designs, and signature designs using this font.

Long swashes, stylistic alternates, and lines exist in the complete set of this font. This font can support a number of languages which makes it more amazing. The characters of this font are also good for pairing. It can be paired with Red lipstick font which will make your designs more stunning.

About Northwell Font Family

Northwell font is a wonderful font which is a simple and handwritten typeface with unique attractiveness. The clean style of this typeface has been updated and now it has two styles. So, you can choose any style, i.e., a smooth and clean version or a rustic textured one, and change your design into wonderful creations.

There are six font files in the family of Northwell typefaces:

  1. Northwell: This is a handwritten typeface that contains capital and small letters, numerals, characters, and many punctuation marks.
  2. Northwell Alt: A wonder typeface which is another version of Northwell lettering. You can opt for a custom-made style if you don’t like the same look of the font each time. Secondly, you can choose a different word shape for an extra layout option.
  3. Northwell Swash: You can give a finishing touch to underline the text with the set of 20 hand-drawn swashes. For this purpose, firstly, you have to install it as a separate typeface. Pick the lettering from the font menu and create a swash by typing any character from A – U.
  4. Northwell Clean:
  5. Northwell Clean Alt:
  6. Northwell Clean Swash:

The 4, 5, and 6 options are the Clean versions of the 1, 2, and 3 ones given above; the rough brush texture of this font is removed and a completely smooth feel is achieved.

Northwell Font

Ultimate Guide to Northwell Font

This amazing brush font is suitable for different classic text design purposes. You can use this font for headlines and title purposes of different pages and paragraphs. This astonishing font is perfect for astonishing logo designs of different casinos, restaurants, organizations, and companies.

You can create Website and Blog templates, Labels, Advertisements, menu designs, Social Media Posts, greeting cards, Brochure layouts, Video games, Movie logos, watermark logos, and so on. You can make instant designs by using this font. It is also perfect for making combinations with road rage font.

Northwell Font

Northwell Font Creative Market

This font is also available on Creative Market which is a well-known market on the internet. This marketplace deals with templates, graphics, and fonts.

Licensing and Download of Northwell Font

If you are looking for a free version of this font then we are providing the free version of this brush typeface that can be utilized in all your non-commercial projects. You just need to click on the below download button to get its free version.

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