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Here, You can learn about a famous and unique geometric sans serif typeface known as Object Sans Font. This classic typography also comes with many styles that are created by using its weights. Alex Slobzheninov is a brilliant mind manufacturer who works hard on the creation of this typeface.

This attractive typeface has many advanced features that are attainable for eye-catching design purposes. This famous font family has straight alternates and bold characters including numbers, lowercase letters, specially modified letters, and modern punctuation marks.

Altone font is mostly used for pairing with this amazing sans serif typeface that has also unique characters. The free version of this texture also provided the free text-converting tool which is a generator tool. Simply copy and paste your text on this tool and enjoy astonishing results.

Available Weights and Styles in Object Sans Font

Object Sans typeface has seven extraordinary weights and fourteen classic styles that are heavy, bold, thin, regular, medium, black, and light. All of these have differences in appearance and usage. For your easiness, we explain that bold style is thicker and use for display themes, and on the other hand thin style is thinner and use for small text and decorative projects.

Object Sans Font

Object Sans Font

Not enough this typography also contains three hundred and forty-seven gorgeous glyphs that increase the uniqueness of your projects and plans. All these stylish glyphs are attainable along with 1 thousand units per em. This texture also supports different international-level languages.

Font Details

NameObject Sans Font
TypeSans Serif
DesignerAlex Slobzheninov
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Object Sans Font Download Free

This typeface has a lot of outstanding features if you want to use this awesome font in your plans and functions. You will have to download it easily by the given button below.

Download Now

Few Tips For Working with Object Sans Font

For getting advanced and classic results, you would have to apply some additional tips that are very helpful for your designs. Make sure that use the right style of this font family in your projects. Choosing the right and suitable font style is perfect for your designs.

Try to make the proper combination or pairing of Object Sans font with other complementary typefaces in order to get classic results. This typeface has a lot of advanced features, you will try to use all features in your plans and functions.

Alternatives to Object Sans Font

For our all audience, multiple alternative fonts to this typeface are attainable.

  • Norton Font
  • Matter Font
  • Evolventa Font
  • Arvin Light Font
  • Houndtime Font
  • BN Dragon Font
  • Supermarketed Font
  • Vi Thien Ly Hoa Font
  • Neue Haas Grotesk Font
  • Spartan Mb Regular Font

Object Sans Font Family (Includes 07 Typeface)

  • Object Sans Thin
  • Object Sans Light
  • Object Sans Bold
  • Object Sans Regular
  • Object Sans Medium
  • Object Sans Heavy
  • Object Sans Black

Where Can Object Sans Font Be Applied?

Due to a lot of remarkable features, this typography is mostly used for different types of logos designs, website page designs, thumbnails, and blog template design purposes. This font family is appropriate for making animated text designs, fancy text designs, and name designs. For banners and flyers designs, this typeface is the perfect choice.

Object Sans Font

It is good for creating social media posts, letterhead designs, studio presentations purposes, and other related purposes. This font family is suitable for making combinations with its alternative fonts like bebas font which comes in the sans serif category with unique features.

Due to its smooth strokes and bold glyphs, this font family is great for news headlines and name design purposes. This font family is suitable for creating eye-catching video designs, image designs, and brand identities. You can also pick it for creating brochure layouts and image layouts.

Understanding the Font License Terms

This typeface is completely free for personal projects. But on the other side all commercial projects and plans you could have to buy the license of this font family. Once you will purchase the license then next time you can use this typeface freely.

What People Want to Know!

Is Object Sans Font a sans serif font?

Yes, it is a sans-serif font that comes with 07 weights and a number of styles. Alex Slobzheninov shared this font for the first.

What is the online generator tool of Object Sans Font?

Basically, it is a free tool for designers. This tool will help for making graphics by using any type of simple and easy text.

Can I use Object Sans Font for headline designs?

Yes, you can use it for headline design and it is appropriate for different text heading purposes for official use.

Is Object Sans Font useful for web designing?

Yes, because it is a fully web-secure font and suitable for various types of web designing purposes in the design market.

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