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Palatino font is a serif typeface that has an old-style classification. A German designer Hermann Zapf known for many worth-using designs got his hands on this font in 1949. For the past many decades, many designers have applied this font in their designs. Linotype foundry founded Palatino font. Currently, it has 2 different variants including Palatino Sans and Palatino Nova. Furthermore, you can get Palatino font free in numerous versions.

Platino has a large group family that includes various fonts including Michaelangelo Titling, Sistina, Platino, etc that work well with Garamond Font. It has a powerful structure that makes the text or designs noticeable even on poor paper quality. Moreover, it was specially designed t solve the printing readability problems and it managed to overcome this issue well.

Furthermore, you can produce Palatino font shapes and designs with the Palatino font Generator tool-free. This tool is specially designed to serve this purpose along with other functioning.

Palatino Font History

Palatino is an invention of the mid 19th century when there was a need for a typeface that solves printing readability problems. It is one of the highly readable fonts that become distinguishable even on a bad printing or paper quality. It comprises numerous variants released after the success of font including Palatino Linotype, Digitisations, Palatino Nova, Palatino Sans, etc.

History of Palatino Font
History of Palatino Font

You can also get various Palatino font free versions or derivatives incorporating Domitian, TeX Gyre Pagella, and Houston Font.

Font Information

NamePalatino Font
DesignerHermann Zapf
FoundryMergenthaler Linotype Company
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1948
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Palatino Font

You can get a chance to use this high legible typeface in various places. Due to a large family of typefaces, you can adjust this typeface in maximum places easily. You can apply the font in printing projects for which the font was specially designed.

Furthermore, you can highlight this font with eyesy font on Logos, titles, websites, designs, ads, banners, documentation, headings, body texts, and other platforms. You can also acquire Palatino font-free alternatives including Palatino Sans and Palatino Regular. Furthermore, the font received a huge appreciation in the form of awards in all these years.

Palatino Font View

Palatino Font View
Palatino Font View

Palatino Font Family (Includes 10 Typeface)

  1. Palatino Light
  2. Palatino Light Italic
  3. Palatino Roman
  4. Palatino Italic
  5. Palatino Medium
  6. Palatino Medium Italic
  7. Palatino Bold
  8. Palatino Bold Italic
  9. Palatino Black
  10. Palatino Black Italic

Similar Fonts to Palatino Font

License Information

You can get the font license easily at a limited price. The license will allow you to apply the font anywhere you want without taking permission. Furthermore, after license, you can apply the font in printing and commercial projects.

Palatino Font Free Download

You can download the font free on your device for personal work. The font is free only for your personal use. Hence, after downloading the font, you can easily obtain its free version features without limitations.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Palatino Font?

It is a serif font designed in the mid 19th century by Hermann Zapf, a German designer. The font gained massive acclaim in all these years because of being a readable and legible typeface.

Where You Can Use Palatino Font?

You can apply this font in different settings. You can mainly apply the font for corporate work. Furthermore, you can use the font on websites, designs, headings, body texts, printing work, and other scenarios.

Who Designed the Palatino Font?

A German designer Hermann Zapf who has produced many typefaces got his hands on this font in 1949. Later, Linotype founded the font.

Can You Use Palatino Font Free?

You can get the free version for personal work after downloading the font. Furthermore, for other purposes, you need proper permission or licensing authority from a third party.

What Is Palatino Font Generator?

You can get this tool free of cost for all types of use. Furthermore, you can make beautiful Palatino font designs with this text-based generator.

Which fonts are similar to the Palatino font?

You can use Palatino Sans and Sabon Font.

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