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Prada Font is a new serif font that is a famous and stylish typeface. Prada is basically a luxurious fashion brand of Itlay and it was established by Mario Prada in 1913. It has many luxurious accessories like scents, shoes, bags, and cosmetic products. This brand has many fans and it is so popular since the start of 2018. 

The font that is used for the logos designs of this fashion brand is known as Nikita Glushkov. The designer of this font shared it via NcuxoType foundry in 2017. It has 182 glyphs that have a unique look along with two thousand and forty-eight units per em.

This font is available in open-type file format and you can get it from here. It is suitable for sharp-edge designs and attractive textures. This modern font has a free generator tool facility that is best for text graphic designs. It has many similar fonts but lancome logo font is the most attractive and similar typeface.

Free Download Prada Font

You can freely download its free version that is suitable for personal use from here, So, Just click on the download button and enjoy using this font.

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Where Can Use Prada Font?

You can use the free version of this font for different design purposes such as logo design, website designs, blog designs, wall murals designs, graphics, and so on. By using this font, you can improve your custom website designs and blog designs.

This interesting font is also useful in advanced design projects by pairing it with the fire emblem font. You can use this gorgeous typeface for using in Canva, Photoshop, and different types of software that are related to the design field. You can also utilize this stunning typeface for stylish names of official restaurants and hotels.

Prada Font

If you want to create high-quality ceremony cards, magazine designs, digital art designs, and postcard designs. Many cloth designing companies use this font for their different types of product designs like t-shirt designs, blouse designs, pants designs, and so on. You can also use its copy-and-paste function.

Important FAQs Know!

What google fonts are similar to Prada Font?

A lot of google fonts are alternatives to this stunning typeface but the most similar font to this typeface is the wall street journal font.

What type of font is Prada Font?

The main type of this font is serif and it is used for the logo of an Italian fashion brand. In that case, it comes in also logo category.

Can I use Prada Font for my logo posters?

Yes, you can use this serif font for different types of logo designs, postcard designs, outstanding font designs, and social media posts.

What are the unique features of Prada Font?

This font has many unique features that increase the readability of your text and other designs.

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