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Times New Roman was designed by typographic designer Stanley Morison and authorized by British newspaper “The Times”. It belongs to the serif typeface family. In 1932 this font was released by typeface foundry “Monotype”.

The design of this typeface is based on an old sans serif font Platin font. This is one of the popular fonts used in word document. It was designed with tall X-height and short descenders. This font is available free with different file formats.

This font family includes numerous weights, styles characters and letters. To create attractive designs, you can use this font with the combination of Roboto font and Futura font.

Instead of downloading and installation of this font, you can use its online generator tool to create different beautiful designs.

Times New Roman Font History

This font was designed to provide a font with sharp serifs. The other versions of this font includes Times Hever Titling, Times Wide etc. It also includes the variants released by Linotype. Time new roman font family contains many modern versions including Times new roman world which is similar to Helvetica world font.

History of Times New Roman Font
History of Times New Roman Font
You can also get different free fonts alternatives to this typeface such as Lato Font. This font is adjustable in different situations and has been spread widely.

Font Information

NameTimes New Roman Font
DesignerStanley Morison, Victor Lardent
TypeMixed, Old-style, Transitional
Foundry Monotype Imaging
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1931
TypeFree Version

Usage of Times New Roman

Due to its formal apperance and readability, it is commonly use in professional documents. Times new roman font is a default font in various applications.

This font performs well in printing thats why it is suitable for books, newspaper and magazines. This font was adopted by many institutions to use as a standard font for professional documents.

You can apply the font to various platforms of your choices. As it was specially designed to fulfil the need for a font suitable for small size texts in publishing so you can clearly consider using it for publishing work.

You can also apply this font with sanpaullo signature font in your old-style or modern websites, branding, assignments, covers, Logos, Titles and many other places.

Because of an extended font family, you have many options for using this font on different platforms and locations. From being featured on different magazines to websites of different levels, there is not a single spot left where this typeface didn’t make an entry.

Times New Roman Free Download

You can use this font free in your projects. Just download and install by clicking below download button.

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Times New Roman View

Times New Roman Font View - Times New Roman Font Free Download

Times New Roman Font Family (Includes 12 Typeface)

  1. Times New Roman Bold
  2. Times New Roman Condensed Bold
  3. Times New Roman Bold Italic
  4. Times New Roman Condensed
  5. Times New Roman Condensed Italic
  6. Times New Roman Extra Bold
  7. Times New Roman Italic
  8. Times New Roman Medium
  9. Times New Roman Medium Italic
  10. Times New Roman Regular
  11. Times New Roman Semi Bold
  12. Times New Roman Semi Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Times New Roman Font

License Information

This is a default font in various application. You can use this font for your designs without any limitations.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I Use Times New Roman Commercially?

You can use this amazing serif typeface and produce beautiful designs with this font free of cost. There is no license restriction before applying this font in your designs.

Why Is Times New Roman so Popular?

Times New Roman font is popular because it was chosen as MS word default font. From there it gained huge popularity and acceptance. Furthermore, you can get this font free in your system is also the reason for its popularity.

Is Times New Roman a Good Font?

It is a highly trusted and appreciated typeface from day one. You clearly can’t doubt the incredibility of this font. It can be used for professional purpose as well.

Who Designed the Times New Roman Font?

Stanley Morison, a British designer produced this beautiful serif font with the collaboration of another British designer Victor Lardent. The time Magazine remained attached to this font for 40 years.

Where You Can Use Times New Roman?

You have many choices in terms of font usage. You can use the font in small-size texts, publishing work, Newspapers, assignments, official work, documents, covers etc.

Is Times and Times New Roman the Same?

No, they are not the same. The major difference is, time new Roman is Monotype font while the other one is Linotype font.

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