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Introducing Sailor Moon font, this is a very stunning typeface that comes in the category of the Display typeface family. It was designed by a notable female designer Tadano Kazuko. This font was inspired by a movie font that has been used in the logo of Sailor Moon, this is a Japanese Shojo Manga Series that was Illustrated and written by Naoko Takeuchi. It was released between 1991 and 1997 for the first time through Nakayoshi Magazine.

After it was broadcasting on television, it became the most popular animated movie on the globe. The last series of this movie has been broadcasted between 2014 to 2016. The logo fonts of this movie have been noted by the world’s designers and they have highly used the font for their usual designs.

Basically, there have been used different fonts for the logo title of this animated shojo manga series. For Sailor moon words, Wish MF font has been used, however for Crystal word, Oh You Klid Font has been used and for Guardian word, Hardly Worth It Font has been used.

Due to its inspirations from many other typefaces, so this typeface is perfect for any type of design such as Logos, Posters, Greeting Cards, and many more. It is also good for its pairing functions and you can use it with the pairing of Lumos, Spiderman Font, and Floydian font. You can download this font from right here on this website but only for personal purposes.

Reason to Use Sailor Moon Font

This typeface has been designed based on three impressive fonts that’s why it keeps numerous qualities and it is a perfect font in any designing field. This logo font is very suitable for any type of logo design and you can make such interesting animated logo designs like Sailor Moon’s logo. With the use of this font, you can keep your customers engaged.

Besides, it is also suitable for many other designs such as Book Covers, Posters, Video game designs, App designs, Webpages designs, templates, Emblems, Labels, Greeting cards, Game graphics, Kid Products, T-shirt designs, Fashion designs, Branding projects, Homeware designs, Illustrated designs, Greeting cards, Brochure designs, Product packaging, and so on.

You can also use it your attractive headlines and titles as well as quotes, reports, invoices, post description, Powerpoint presentations, simple or lengthy paragraphs, Hotel/Restaurant names, and many other related things.

Font Details

NameSailor Moon Font
DesignerTadano Kazuko
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseCommercial Font
TypeFree Version

Sailor Moon Font View

Sailor Moon font

Alternatives of Sailor Moon Font

  • Wish MF font
  • Oh You Klid Font
  • Conspiracy Font
  • Modestyle Font
  • Hardly Worth It Font
  • Komik Blok PG Font
  • Spiderman Font

License Info

This typeface has been issued in two versions that contain free and paid versions. A free version is available on this website that can be used for free for your personal uses. However, A paid version is very useful for business purposes but you must purchase its license from any trusted source.

Sailor Moon Font Free Download

If you are looking for this gorgeous font’s free version then we are providing a free version. You need to click on the below download button to get its free version in your operating systems. You can freely utilize this free version in all your personal projects.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What font is used in Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon is a Japanese animated movie that was released through the Shojo Manga Series. There were three fonts used for the logo title of this animated movie named Wish MF font, Oh You Klid Font, Hardly Worth It Font.

Who designed Sailor Moon Font?

This is a high-quality display font that was designed by Tadano Kazuko. She is the most notable graphic designer in the type design field. She created this font based on some other fonts that have been used in a Japanese Illustrated Movie.

Can I use Sailor Moon font for my logo design?

Of course, you can make interesting logo designs same as the Sailor Moon font for your Website, Brands, and Companies.

What is the Sailor Moon text generator tool?

This is an online free generator tool that will convert your simple text into colorful graphics and you can also add some different colors and text effects.

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