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Segoe is an extended sans-serif font family that is widely used in different Microsft applications. Monotype developed this typeface many years ago however, currently, it is a trademark of Microsoft. An American designer Steve Matteson produced this amazing typeface. The idea behind designing this font family was to create a readable and understandable font.

Segoe UI is one of the parts of this enhanced font family and is known for being employed in various products of Microsoft. It contains many variants, including the Semilight version, Semibold version, Italic version, etc. Furthermore, different online publications and materials applied this font. You can obtain Segoe Ui font free in TTF and OTF version.

Furthermore, you can draft many beautiful Segoe Ui designs and logos with the Segoe Ui Font and arvo font. This tool is free to utilize without restrictions.

Segoe Ui History

Segoe Ui is a readable and understandable typeface that came into existence to improve the visibility of the text worldwide. Monotype produced this font many years ago after which it was applied in a wide range of Microsoft products and applications.

With the release of Window 7, the font’s various versions also produced including Semibold and Light. Later, with the release of Window 8.1, a few other weights originated including Black Italic and Black. You can acquire the best similar Webfont alternatives to this typeface including Fira Sans Book Font and Open Sans font.

History Of Segeo UI Font
History Of Segeo UI Font

The variations that originated after Segoe Ui popularity include Segoe Ui Mono, Segoe Ui Historic, Segoe Ui Symbol, Segoe Boot etc.

Font Information

NameSegoe Ui Font
DesignerSteve Matteson
FoundryMicrosoft Typography
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2004
LicenseFree for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of Segoe Ui

Segoe Ui made wonders after using in different products of Microsoft and online publications. Furthermore, the font highlighted in different Windows version and operating system. Server 2008, Window Vista, Server 2008 R2 etc used this font.

Hence, you can apply this typeface with playball font to various platforms including online content. publishing work, websites, branding and other spots. Many graphic designers commonly use this font.

Segoe Ui Font View

Segeo UI Font View
Segeo UI Font View

Segoe Ui Font Family (Includes 12 Styles)

  1. Segoe UI Light
  2. Segoe UI SemiLight
  3. Segoe UI SemiLight Italic
  4. Segoe UI Italic
  5. Segoe UI Regular
  6. Segoe UI SemiBold
  7. Segoe UI SemiBold Italic
  8. Segoe UI Bold
  9. Segoe UI Bold Italic
  10. Segoe UI Gras
  11. Segoe UI Gras Italique
  12. Segoe UI Italic

Similar Fonts to Segoe Ui

License Information

Segoe Ui is a hallmark of Microsoft. Furthermore, you can use all the free and paid versions of this typeface free for your commercial and non-commercial projects.

Segoe Ui Free Download

You can easily gain the access to Segoe Ui font free of cost. From the downloading link, the font will be downloaded and installed on your device. Furthermore, you can use the downloaded font in various places.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Segoe Ui Free?

This amazing typeface is free to use for all your projects. In the start, Monotype licensed this typeface however, later it disassociated with the Monotype and Microsoft took the charge. You can use the font free for your all projects and designs.

Who Designed Segoe Ui?

An American typeface designer Steve Matteson designed this font. Furthermore, Steve got his hands on this font to bring a friendly and easy to read typeface and this is what this typeface does.

Is Segoe Ui Available on Mac?

The font is only available for Windows, For Mac, it is not accessible.

What Is Segoe Ui Font?

It is a sans-serif typeface that originated to be an understandable and readable typeface for texts. It is used in various Microsft Windows and applications in an excessive amount. The font also carries many weights and variants.

What Font Is Similar to Segoe Ui?

Open Sans font and Clear Sans font are the best similar typefaces that you can use in this regard.

Is Segoe Ui Easy to Read?

Segoe Ui is specially originated to eliminate the readability issue. It is easy to read and understand when used in text and online documents. On the other hand, it is a sans-serif font that is known for being readable.

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