Thirsty Script Font Family Free Download

Thirsty Script Font Family comes from yellow design studio is a contemporary script conceived as a wedding of elements. From antique signage scripts, information script, Deftones stylus, and lobster. Thirsty shadows are well offset mechanically. This distance may be easily customized for all weights. Except for light (which is too thin to offset further without edges peeking out).

The end result is a typeface with a ‘new meets vintage’ vibe. The thirsty script font family pleasant with an area. An aggregate of retro script, present day sans serif, and a shot of caffeine. Includes ligatures that correct shadow overlap issues. In illustrator set vicinity kind alternatives to em field peak for correct shadow alignment. In Photoshop align shadows manually.

Thirsty Script Font Family Free

Thirsty Script mild thirsty script normal thirsty script medium thirsty script ambitious.  Another one is Thirsty Script extra ambitious thirsty script black thirsty script shadow light-thirsty script shadow normal. The last one is Thirsty Script Shadow medium thirsty script shadow ambitious thirsty script shadow greater ambitious thirsty script shadow black.

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Thirsty Script Font Family

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