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Undertale Logo font is a gaming typeface that is seen being used in many video games. The font was produced for the first time in 2015 when it was used on the logo of the popular video game ‘Undertale Logo.’ Since then, it became a standard typeface of many online video games. Undertale is a famous and most played video game that was designed by indie developer Toby Fox in 2015.

Though the game became a huge hit yet people couldn’t withstand praising the amazing typeface applied on the logo. It is a fun font that is specially used for this purpose. However, the Undertale logo font carries many similarities with Monster Friend Font and Biker Font. It comprises 2 distinguished and classy styles including Back and Fore. It was originated by Harry Wakamatsu, a Japanese typeface designer known for designing quality-based fonts.

It also has many other features and things to serve. For instance, the Undertale Logo Font Generator tool helps you to generate different Undertale Logo Designs without any license restriction. The tool is entirely free of cost and is accessible to everyone across the globe. Furthermore, the tool solves the compatibility issue and provides you with complete ease. It is extensively used everywhere for this purpose.

Undertale Logo Font History

Undertale is an online game that came into being for the first time on 15th September 2015. Since then, the game became unstoppable and started being used on every device. It was released as an independent game for Mac OSX but later its usage expanded and it originated for Linux and Playstation. The game had been reviewed positively by all the users that proved to be its biggest achievement.

It carries many cool features and elements that go best for gaming and app downloading. Many designers have applied this stylish typeface in their projects based on different niches. In case you want to get your hands on a font similar to Undetale font, go for blacksword font that was designed by the same typeface designer and holds many similarities with this typeface.

History of Undertale Logo Font
History of Undertale Logo Font

It was brought out by indie developer tobyfox and due to its extreme popularity, it started producing for different platforms. Despite many years, the game and its font Logo are acknowledged everywhere. Apart from video games, designers use this font for many other platforms and purposes. You can surely examine this up to date typeface in your next typeface project.

Font Information

NameUndertale Logo Font
DesignerHarry Wakamatsu
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree for Commercial Use
TypeFree Version

Undertale Logo Font View

Undertale Logo Font View
Undertale Logo Font View

Undertale Logo Font Usage

The font has an enlarged utilization because it has been on the good list of designers from day 1. After the font originated, it received an overwhelming response after which its 2 variants came to the surface including Monster Friend Back, Monster Friend Fore that escalated its demand.  Let’s frame out thises platforms where you can think about using this font without any contemplation.

1- Video games

It is surely the first platform that comes to our thought when we talk about Undertale font. It is reviewed as one of the highly in-demand typefaces for video games because the font earned a massive response after being applied to the video game Logo. Apart from the Undertale video game, many video games used this font.

2- Printing Projects

For printing projects, designers usually prefer to use typefaces that are flexible and easy to read and understand. If we talk about flexible fonts, you can’t get any other better option than an Undertale typeface. For printing purposes, you can clearly think about this font with the style of hero font that makes the design legible and understandable. For stationary printing, it is highly recommended.

3- Logos

For Logos, the Undertale font is thoroughly endorsed. For the game logo, website logo, or any other Logo, it is worth utilizing. The font comprises all the features to fit best for logos including simplicity and clarity.

4- Others

The font is an ideal choice for many other motives and bases including Websites, Banners, Covers, Commercial projects, Developing purposes, Designs, and numerous other causes. It grows the readability score and makes your design stand out.

Undertale Logo Font Family (Includes 2 Typeface)

  1. Monster Friend Fore Pro Regular
  2. Monster Friend Back Pro Regular

Similar Fonts to Undertale Logo Font

  • Boxing
  • Mona Shark
  • KG Happy
  • Curly Ribbons
  • Mexcellent 3D
  • Scramble Mixed
  • Disco 
  • FT Helsingfurt

License Information

On the other hand, if you want to get an absolute approach to this typeface and want to get a hands-on it’s paid version also, buy the license that you can found from any website. Once you have the license, you can freely apply them to your printing, Digital, and commercial work projects.

Undertale Logo Font Free Download

Who wouldn’t want to apply this amazing typeface in their designs and above all it carries a free version for your personal use. Hence, by clicking the below-mentioned link you can get access to its free version features and elements easily. Make your personal projects transfixing by using Undertale font.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Undertale Font?

It is a modern and stylish typeface that was first used on the logo of the popular video game ‘Undertale’ released on 15th September 2015 for Microsoft users. With time, it came into being for other platforms also. The font used on the logo of that noted game was ‘Undertale font.’

Is Undertale Font Free to Use?

You can surely get free access to this typeface but be limited to your personal works. However, if you want the font for your other paid projects, you need to buy the license first after which you will be allowed to enlarge the usage.

Where Undertale Font Can Be Better Utilized?

You have many options in this regard. The first one is video games where the font is being used since day 1. Furthermore, you can examine this typeface with Mona Shark Font on logos, Developing apps, websites, T-shirts Logos, Banners, Printing purposes, and many other places.

What Is Undertale Font Generator?

It is an extensively used tool that doesn’t cost. You can use the tool online without any font requirement. It permits you to design different catchy Undertale font logos free of cost.

When Undertale Video Game Released?

It was first released on 15th September 2015 for the Microsft users. After a year, it originated for Linux and later for the Playstation platform. It came into being by Toby Fox, an indie developer.

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