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Thrasher Font is a Display font that gained popularity after being used in a skateboarding magazine that was originated in 1981. The magazine companies different articles related to music and skateboarding. Additionally, it features different interviews and news related to the industry. Apart from the magazine, the font used on the logo also captured everyone’s attention.

The font used on the Logo is Banco Typeface that was originated in 1951 by a French font designer Roger Excoffon who is known as a master of this field. Roger did a lot of work in the designing field in his entire career and earned huge acknowledgment. For the last many decades, this font has been used in many prominent places and is still one of the highly used fonts along with the Oraqle Script Font.

Thrasher Font also provides you with another facility. It comes with a tool known as Thrasher Font Generator, through which you can design as many Font Logos and posters as you want free of cost. This facility can be availed by anyone across the globe. Apart from that, this tool is also used to make the font web-friendly so that you can excessively use the font in your browser. You can get access to this online tool from anywhere.

Thrasher Font History

Thrasher is an entirely well-designed typeface that came into prominence in the early 1980s that was used in one of the leading magazines of the United States. the Magzine titles ‘Thrasher.’ It was a skateboarding magazine that highlights different things, including fashion, Articles, Skateboarding, etc. In Sans Fransico, this magazine was originated by Eric Swenson, Kevin Thatcher, and Fausto Vitello.

The magazine remained one of the highly read magazines; however, the font also didn’t fail to impresses everyone, and different designers started applying it in their important work projects. It is an elegant font that forces people to get their hands on it. You can surely make this font center of attention in different places, but above all, Logos and entertainment lead the chart.

History of Thrasher Font
History of Thrasher Font

It has a large font family, so you can use the typeface in one way or another on different platforms. You can also use the alternatives to this typeface that comprises many similarities. For instance, you can go for Lemon One Regular font and thunder bold script font. It has cool characteristics and has a very stylish look that makes it a perfect choice to be applied in numerous places.

Font Information

NameThrasher Font
DesignerRoger Excoffon
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree for Commercial Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of Thrasher Font

As mentioned above, it is a cool and stylish typeface that can make your project a big hit. Hence, you can always consider this font in your work for different purposes. For the last many years, many designers have applied this font in their work and showed utmost satisfaction. Let’s highlight those places where this font should be used.

1- Logos

It rose to prominence after being used on the logo of Magazine, so you can always consider this typeface for Logos. For Youtube videos, you can always consider this typeface, and for Magazine covers or banners, it would be an ideal choice. Due to its stylish and catchy look, it attracts the users and let them enjoy and appreciate your design.

2- Websites

If you are working on a modern-day website and want to give a unique and stylish touch to it, what could be better than using Thrasher Font that carries all the features of making your website successful? You can surely apply the font to your websites, Banners, and for other purposes. Many designers have used the font for such purposes in the past.

3- Others

You have unlimited choices when it comes to the usage of Thrasher Font. You can apply this font with dodge font in printing and Digital work projects, Banners, Advertisements, Layout, Media related work, Assignments, Office presentation, and a lot of other places. Surprise your clients with this typeface that you can pick anytime and anywhere. Its bold letters that increases the legibility score is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Thrasher Font View

Thrasher Font View
Thrasher Font View

Similar Fonts to Thrasher

License Information

This unique and well-designed typeface is worth purchasing. Buy the license and make extended use of it. The license is accessible from different platforms, after which you can use the font in your personal and commercial projects freely.

Thrasher Font Free Download

If you want to make your next project successful want to apply this typeface, then here you go with a free link. Download it and let it install in your system. You can use it in your personal projects as much as you want free of cost.

Download Now

License Information

This unique and well-designed typeface is worth purchasing. Buy the license and make extended use of it. The license is accessible from different platforms, after which you can use the font in your personal and commercial projects freely.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Thrasher Font?

It is a decorative typeface that came into being many years ago and earned acclaim after being used on the logo of a popular and leading magazine, ‘Thrasher,’ which highlights different points including Music, Skateboarding, etc.

Is Thrasher Font Worth Using?

Thrasher Font is one of the highly used fonts. Many designers have applied this typeface with the pair of muller font in their designing projects in all these years. It has a catchy appearance that makes the design worth appreciating. Hence you can always go for this typeface for your projects.

Is Thrasher Font Free for Commercial Use?

The font is free for your personal projects; however, for commercial work, you need to go for its paid version. Buy the license and later start using it for every level of work. After the licensing authority, you can use the typeface for all your commercial and non-commercial level projects.

What Is Thrasher Font Generator?

It is a tool that is used online by everyone who wants to use Thrasher Font. This tool lets the users design different Thrasher Font Logos, Banners, etc., free of cost. Furthermore, the tool allows you to make the downloaded Thrasher Font web safe so that it becomes compatible with your browser.

Where Can Thrasher Font Be Used?

You can use the font in numerous places, and above all, it would go best for Logos. Other than that, use the font on covers, images, websites, Advertisements, layouts, Banners, designs, texts, Printing and Digital projects, and many other places.

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