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Thunder Font is a modern sans serif typeface that has extra bold characters. This font consists of more than 100 strong bold characters including uppercase letters, punctuations, and special characters. It comes in  18 weights and 36 amazing styles. It was developed by a famous designer known as Rajesh Rajput.

The sharp edges of this outstanding font are best for magazine covers and branding projects. This interesting font has many features that are helpful for attracting your audience. The characters of this typeface have proportional contrast.

Its thin and bold strokes are so helpful for heading purposes on different pages and paragraphs. It is not a Google font but you can easily pick it from here for creating symbols and other related designs. By making pairing this font with akira expanded font, the designer can create wonderful designs.

Usage of the Thunder Font

You can utilize this helpful font for increasing the uniqueness of your designs. This outstanding and gorgeous typeface is best for use in thumbnails of Youtube videos.  A lot of people use this font for their name designs and text design projects. This font is great for eye-catching design purposes.

This font is best for studio projects for designing and titling purposes. The designers use it for their personal design purposes. The designer can also use it for attractive news headlines and newspaper designs. By using this gorgeous font, you can create fabulous look text designs.

You can use it for educational channels for tutorial videos, learning systems, and management book designs. It is also best for writing official notes and invoices purposes. You can give a playful look and unique appearance to your designs by pairing this font with netflix font.

Thunder Font

Download Thunder Font Free

We offer a free version of this font that you can easily use for your personal objectives. You can get this font by clicking on the download link below and your downloading start automatically within one second.

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Often Asked Questions About the Thunder Font!

What kind of font is Thunder Font?

This is a sans-serif font that has bold characters. It was created by Rajesh Rajput that is an intelligent typographic designer.

Can I use Thunder Font Free for commercials?

Yes, you can use this awesome typeface for additional types of commercial projects but the full version is required for this purpose.

What font is alternative to Thunder Font?

This typeface has many alternatives but the liquido font is one of the most similar typefaces to this interesting typeface.

Is Thunder Font safe to use for the web?

Yes, this gorgeous typeface is fully secure for use on different types of personal and commercial websites.

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