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Toy Story Font is a highly acknowledged sans-serif typeface that became noticeable after being used in the logo of the favored animated movie, Toy Series. The Logo was designed using 2 different fonts, one for the Story part and the other one for the Toy part. The font used on the ‘Story’ phrase is Gill Sans Bold, a popular Gill Sans family typeface.

For the ‘Toy’ part, the font used was a customized comic. An English typeface designer Eric Gill drafted this typeface in 1926 that later became public in 1928 by an American company, Monotype. In case you want to use an alternative to Toy Story font, Agent Red and Agent Orange fonts are widely used and prove to be the best alternative.

On the other hand, if you want to erect different font designs and don’t want to download the font, simply use Toy Story Font Generator and fabricate different good-looking designs free of cost online. It is a metal type typeface that is featured as a simple yet attractive typeface.

Toy Story Movie

The Toy Story is an animated group of series that was released by Pixar Animation Studios. Its first version came into being in 1995, after which it released 4 other parts. It is a highly-watched 3D animated movie that didn’t fail to impress the audience around the masses. Toy Story 4 was released in 2019 that earned a collection of billions.

Font Styles

This commercial sans-serif font has a unique and distinctive style. In the start, it was originated in a few styles, but with time it expanded and started being offered in numerous styles. A few of them include Gill Sans Bold, Light, Shadow, Bold Condensed, Cameo, Ultra Bold, Extra Bold, Titling, Bold Condensed Titling, and many others.

Font Information

NameToy Story Font
DesignerEric Gill
FoundryMonotype Imaging
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1926
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage Of Toy Story Font

The font has a wide acknowledgment across the globe that is being used in many worth noted places and platforms. In several phases, this font was digitally released and became one of the worth using sans-serif Typography fonts. From being used in movie Logos to big international companies Titles, it took everyone’s attention and made everyone fall in love with the design.

Let’s talk through those noted platforms where this font was featured and earned massive appreciation.

1- Transportation

In 1949 a British Railway Board used this font as a Logo and was likewise utilized in a lot of its printed yield, mainly in capital settings. For document purposes, the font was also applied in the London Transport. A printing Historian Paul Shaw termed this font one of the classical typefaces. A British Transport Commission also experimented with this font in the past.

2- Television

In the entertainment industry, this font was also featured on different platforms. The British Broadcasting Corporating used this font on the Logo in 1997. Many other television networks got their hands on this font in the past that gave the channels a massive response.

3- Others

An established and noted London Church, Church of London, applied this font for the common Workshop family in the past. In the equipment stores, the British Armed Force also got their hands to this Typography. The second significant mall SM Megamall used on their Logo. Many other shopping malls also featured this typeface on their Logo.

The Toy Story font is a versatile typeface that you can use in your daily tasks. In your newly created websites and projects, you can consider this sans-serif typeface. For advertisement and publishing material, the font is worth considering. From shopping Mall logos to Television series logos, use it on every platform.

Toy Story Font View

Toy Story Font View
Toy Story Font View

Toy Story Font Family (Includes 15 Styles)

  1. Gill Sans Std Regular font
  2. Gill Sans Std Condensed font
  3. Gill Sans Std Shadowed font
  4. Gill Sans Std Italic font
  5. Gill Sans Std Light font
  6. Gill Sans Std Light Shadowed
  7. Gill Sans Std Light Shadowed font
  8. Gill Sans Std Light Italic
  9. Gill Sans Std Light Italic font
  10. Gill Sans Std Bold
  11. Gill Sans Std Bold Condensed font
  12. Gill Sans Std Bold Extra Condensed
  13. Gill Sans Std Bold Extra Condensed font
  14. Gill Sans Std Bold Italic font
  15. Gill Sans Std Extra Bold

Similar Fonts to Toy Story

  • Elido
  • Ingrid
  • Bree
  • Prokyon
  • Milo
  • Argo
  • Whitney
  • Blis

License Information

The paid version of this font will let you use it for commercial, Printing, and Digital projects. Buy the license and extend the usage in your work and projects. The font is easily approachable from different platforms at a limited cost.

Toy Story Font Free Download

The font comes up in 2 versions, including the free and paid version. In a free version, you will get access to different upper case and lower case letters.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is the Toy Story Font?

The Toy story font is a sans-serif typeface used on the logo of the popular 3D Animated American series Toy Story. The film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and is widely used worldwide.

What Font Is Used for Toy Story?

It is a collection of 2 beautiful fonts. In the ‘Story’ phrase, the font used was Gill Sans Ultra Bold, while in the ‘Toy’ part, the font used was customized Comic. Gill Sans is a sans-serif typeface based on a metal Typography.

Is Toy Story a Classic?

Toy story is one of the highly watch 3D Animated series that clutched all the observations after releasing its 1st series. Afterward, 4 other series originated. It is inevitably one of the classical American series.

Is Toy Story Font Free for Commercial Use?

Like other Sans-serif fonts, this font is also available free of cost for your personal tasks, but for commercial projects, go for a paid version and get access to its license. After having a license, you are free to apply it to every project.

What Is Toy Story Font Generator?

It is an online tool that creates different appealing font Designs and Logos free of cost without downloading and installing the font. Furthermore, it assists in making the downloaded fonts web-friendly to make them suited for every browser.

Which Is the Best Alternative to Toy Story Font?

Bree Font is a similar font to Toy Story.

Where Can Toy Story Font Be Used?

You have many choices when it comes to font usage. This high-quality font is a perfect font for Logos, Banners, Websites, Projects, Products, Advertisements, etc. It makes the design enraptured and appreciative.

Is the Toy Story Font Worth Using?

It is a highly recommendable font that can be used in maximum platforms. This high-quality font is highly used and is often a priority for different designers.

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