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Arial font is a widely used sans serif typeface. In 1982, it was designed by Robin Nicholas and Patrica Saunders aiming to create a simple and modern design without extra decoration. Its letters are clean with no fancy edges making it easy to read.

Arial includes various styles such as Medium, Regular, Narrow Italic, Bold Italic, Condensed, Extra Bold, Condensed Medium, Narrow Bold Italic, and more. Each style offers extensive language support for global accessibility.

Like Helvetica font, each character of this font has the same width. Due to its similar design Arial and Helvetica are very close to each other. Before Calibri font, it was used as a default typeface in Ms Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

With its 19th-century vibes, Arial is suitable for body texts. The font’s letters draw inspiration from Monotype Grotesque designs. Additionally, an Arial Font generator allows free design of logos and posters. It ensures web-safe usage across different platforms.

Arial Font History

In earlier computers and printer were becoming more common and a font was required that look good both on screen and in print. At that time Arial font was designed as a solution. With time it became most popular typeface.

In 1982 this font was used by many designer and become popular for many years. Due to its license, an american company named it as “Sonoram”.

In 1992, first time this font was used in windows 3.1 as an alternate of Helvetica font. Within no time, it became a default font for Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc.

With the time, different variants of this font family was released , including Arial Black, Arial Rounded, Arial Narrow, Arial Light, Medium, etc.

History of Arial Font
History of Arial Font

Arial Font Free Download

By clicking the link mentioned below, you can download the font in your system for future usage. The font can be downloaded into your system in different formats.

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Font Information

NameArial Font
DesignerRobin Nicholas, Patricia Saunders
Foundry Monotype Imaging
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1982
TypeFree Version

Usage of Arial Font

This font is one of the treasured sans-serif fonts that make the design worth appreciating. A few places where it grabbed everyone’s attention include:

In 2011, SM Super Malls, a shopping mall in Philippines used this font in their logo. This is an excellent choice for blog posts, descriptions and other text that contains informative data.

This font can be used equally for reports, magazines, presentation, advertisement and promotions. It is a huge font family that makes this typeface versatile, so it can be used on almost every possible platform.

This is a safe choice that can be made in designs, publications, and magazines. It has an easy to read appearance that goes best for the body text.

If you haven’t experienced this typeface before, it is the right time to give this typeface a try. You can apply the font on your websites, Logos, Body texts, Headings, Designs, Products, Projects, Advertisements, Banners, and every possible domain.

Arial Font View

Arial Font

Arial Font Family (Includes 31 Styles)

  1. Arial Light
  2. Arial Light Italic
  3. Arial Regular
  4. Arial Italic
  5. Arial Medium
  6. Arial Medium Italic
  7. Arial Bold
  8. Arial Bold Italic
  9. Arial Extra Bold
  10. Arial Extra Bold Italic
  11. Arial Black
  12. Arial Black Italic
  13. Arial Condensed Light
  14. Arial Condensed
  15. Arial Condensed Bold
  16. Arial Condensed Extra Bold
  17. Arial Light
  18. Arial Monospaced Regular
  19. Arial Monospaced Oblique
  20. Arial Monospaced Bold
  21. Arial Monospaced Bold Oblique
  22. Arial Narrow Regular
  23. Arial Narrow Italic
  24. Arial Narrow Bold
  25. Arial Narrow Bold Italic
  26. Arial Narrow Inclined
  27. Arial Narrow Bold Inclined
  28. Arial Rounded Bold
  29. Arial Rounded Light
  30. Arial Rounded Regular
  31. Arial Rounded Extra Bold

Similar Fonts to Arial Font

License Information

This font is available free for personal use only. After purchasing its license, you can use the font on every level, including Commercial, Printing, and Digital projects.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Arial Font?

Arial is a sans-serif typeface that is based on Neo-grotesque style.

Who Designed the Arial Font?

Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders designed this typeface and released it in the 1980s by Monotype foundry. 

Is Arial a Free Font for Commercial Use?

The font was designed under a Proprietary license, so you can use it free for personal use. Once you have purchased its license, you can use the for every type of project.

What Is an Arial Font Generator?

It is an online free of cost tool that allows you to design different font logo without having the font downloaded in your system. The tool is frequently used by designers that also make the font web-friendly.

What Is the Closest Font to Arial?

You can find many typefaces that contain similarities with Arial. However, the worth-mentioning is Raleway, Helvetica, Roboto, etc.

Is Arial a modern font?

This font provides you the feel of the 19th century and has a touch of Humanist typeface.

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