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Roboto font belongs to the sans serif typeface family. Christian Robertson designed this font. In January 2012, this font was released for a newly launched andriod design website.

Roboto font is available in different weights and styles like as regular, thin light, medium, bold and black. It also includes condensed styles in regular, bold and light weight.

It supports different languages and available in OTF and TTF file formats. Using Roboto font generator tool you can create and design different captivating font Logos and posters free of cost without downloading this font.

There are many typefaces available that contain similarities with Roboto font like Arial, Cursive, Impact, Platino etc.

Roboto Font History

History of Roboto Font
History of Roboto Font

In 2014 Matias Duarte announced redesigning of roboto font for android 5.0. During this modification some punctuation marks and lowercase titles were changed from square to rounded shapes.

With time to time different changes were made in this typeface. In result popular variations of
this font were introduced. These variations or styles are known as Roboto mono, Roboto serif,
Roboto slab, Roboto flex, Heebo, Inter, Piboto etc.

These changes had a good impact on the usage of this font, and it more excessively started using in designs. The main idea behind originating the Robot font was to come up with a modern typeface that is accessible.

Roboto Font Free Download

You can download this font from the below-mentioned link. Install the font and make extended use of it in your future work.

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Designer Reviews

Many designers have used this font in their designs, and always something different to say about this typeface. An American Journalist Joshua Topolsky described this font as a modern and clean typeface. However, a font commentator Stephen Coles called this font a Four-headed Franken font.

Font Information

NameRoboto Font
DesignerChristian Robertson
FoundryGoogle Fonts
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2011
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Roboto Font

Roboto has been used widely in many places. This font remained a preference of every designer. Even today, beginners use this font in different designing projects. Different versions this font make it versatile that remain appropriate for different platforms.

Let’s feature a few prominent places where this font has been used.

In android system Roboto is a default font. In 2013 google services such as Youtube, Google images,
Google play and Google maps also started the use of this font.

In 2017 New York City Subway used this font on count down clocks. A 3D computer graphics
game engine “Unrreal Engine” and a free open source media player “Kodi” also used this typeface.

A hindi language entertainment channel “Utsav Plus” use this font for its wordmark. Canadian television network “Global News” used roboto font in on air presentation.

Roboto Font View

Roboto Font View - Roboto Font Free Download

Roboto Font Family (Includes 28 Typeface)

  1. Roboto Thin
  2. Roboto Thin Italic
  3. Roboto Light
  4. Roboto Light Italic
  5. Roboto Regular
  6. Roboto Italic
  7. Roboto Medium
  8. Roboto Medium Italic
  9. Roboto Bold
  10. Roboto Bold Italic
  11. Roboto Black
  12. Roboto Black Italic
  13. Roboto Condensed Light
  14. Roboto Condensed Light Italic
  15. Roboto Condensed
  16. Roboto Condensed Italic
  17. Roboto Condensed Bold
  18. Roboto Condensed Bold Italic
  19. Roboto Mono Thin
  20. Roboto Mono Thin Italic
  21. Roboto Mono Light
  22. Roboto Mono Light Italic
  23. Roboto Mono Regular
  24. Roboto Mono Italic
  25. Roboto Mono Medium
  26. Roboto Mono Medium Italic
  27. Roboto Mono Bold
  28. Roboto Mono Bold Italic

Similar Fonts to Roboto Font

License Information

Roboto font is free from any license issue and allows you to apply it in your commercial, Digital, and Printing projects free of cost.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Roboto a Good Font?

Roboto is a great font to use in your projects. It offers many styles so comes up with different appearances. You can use the font in different projects of every level. It is a modern and approachable font that can be used by everyone.

Is Roboto Font Free?

It is a google font that was developed under an open-source license. You can free to make your designs appealing with this font without any licensing authority.

What Font Goes with Roboto?

There are many fonts that make the best pairing with Roboto, including Roboto Slab font, Futura PT font, Arial Font, and a few others.

How Do I Get a Roboto Font in Word?

Download the font in your system from the provided link that will be in a zip file. Unzip the file and click on ‘Extract all’ option. Go for the Roboto font and click the install option. The font will be available to use in a Word file.

What Type of Font Is Roboto?

Roboto is a sans-serif typeface that was designed in 2011 but made public in 2012. Google developed this typeface under an open-source license.

Who Designed Roboto Font?

Christian Robertson designed this font in 2011.

What Is Roboto Font Generator?

It is an online free of cost tool that makes the downloaded font web-friendly. It allows you to create different Roboto font designs and Logos online without any downloading issue.

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