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Impact Font is an enlarged family of Sans-serif typeface that came into being under the design of Geoffrey Lee, a well-perceived typeface designer. The main idea behind designing such a font was to draw a font ideal for the publicity material. Like every other Sans-serif font, it is also presented in many momentous settings.

The font was delivered to the public by an England Engineering company Stephenson Blake in 1965. Since then, the font became unstoppable. As the font describes, it naturally has a great impact whenever use in designs. If you have ever come across memes on the internet, then you have surely seen Impact font because it is commonly used in such stuff and is also called a Meme font.

It is a Grotesque sans-serif typeface that does not hold extended features. The font followed in the footsteps of the 1960s fashion of bold, condensed, and sans-serif types. It is included in the list of those fonts that have been widely featured in the most significant operating systems. 

Impact Font Generator, also known as a Meme Generator, helps you to design different appealing font designs and Logos free of cost. Compacta font is the most similar typeface to this font. Furthermore, it assists in making the fonts web-friendly, which is essential in many aspects.

Impact Font History

If we go back to the history of this font, we will find out that the font emerges at a time when there was a decline in metal typecasting. It was designed to offer a powerful impact compressed letterspacing, heavy strokes, and minimum counter form. It comprises a huge X-height, short Ascenders, and even shorter descenders.

If we talk about its lower case letters, they are comparatively hard to read in printed form, especially for those who have eye-sight issues. Instead of featuring in the body text, it is wise to use this font for Display purposes for which it was originated. When it was introduced, the font didn’t come in bold and Italic weight. However, in 2002 the Italic weight was originated.

History of Impact Font
History of Impact Font

In the 1960s, a trend was set for producing bold and condensed typefaces, and the Impact font remained perfect as per the trend. On being asked, the designer of this typeface said that the font was generally originated for utilizing as much ink on the paper as possible.

If we put a light on different versions of this font, its regular version energies in 1965. Later, in 1967, 2 other versions were produced, i.e., Outline and Condensed.

Font Information

NameImpact Font
Designer Geoffrey Lee
FoundryStephenson Blake
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1982
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage Of Impact Font

If we talk about the usage, then Memes instantly pop up in our minds. It won vast approval after being delivered toward the finish of the period of the metal sort as phototypesetting. It is probably the last metal typeface released by Geoffrey Lee. On Windows and Mac, this font is known as a default font. Let’s discuss those big platforms where this font was highlighted.

1- Entertainment

A Slam Magazine cover, an American basketball magazine, used this font on their cover. In 1983 an American supernatural movie releases that took everyone’s attention. The font used on the logo was Impact font. A German band Beyond and Black, also experimented with this font.

In one of the music albums of Taylor Swift, this font was featured along with Georgia font. Aretha Franklin also got her hands on this font in one of her singles in the past. It was also included in the Sunday paper of Issue 5.

2- Internet Memes

If we talk about the memes that we often come across on the internet, it is one of the widely used and praised typefaces. In the Lol Cat internet meme, this font was used.

3- Education

In the Logo of a few universities, this font was also seen getting all the acclaim. Among which one of them is Aalto University, a notable Finland science and Art university.

These are a few places where this font pre-owned. You might come across one of the versions and styles of this font every day in one way or another. For your newly created websites, you can surely use the font on Headings and Titles. As mentioned above, it is a highly admired font for Displays, so you can utilize it that way.

Impact Font View

Impact Font View
Impact Font View

Impact Font Family (Includes 8 Styles)

  1. Impact Light Italic
  2. Impact Book Italic
  3. Impact Medium Italic
  4. Impact SemiBold Italic
  5. Impact Bold Italic
  6. Impact ExtraBold Italic
  7. Impact Heavy Italic
  8. Impact Ultra Italic

Similar Fonts to Impact

  • ArTarumianMHarvats
  • ArTarumianBakhum
  • Call Of Ops Duty
  • Roboto Font
  • Compacta Font
  • OPTIIgnite
  • Coda Heavy
  • Utility BoldCondensed

License Information

You can also get a full approach to its paid version with a license command. The license is accessible from numerous platforms. Grab the license and start using the font in commercial, Printing, Digital projects. You surely can’t miss the chance to make your designs impactful with this font.

Impact Font Free Download

It is a freeware font that allows you to use the free version for your personal projects. If you also want to make the design fascinating, why not go for Impact font that is facilitating numerous designers with its impactful features? Download the font from the given link in Windows and Mac and enjoy its upper and lower case characters of the free version.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Impact?

It is a metal sans-serif typeface released by Geoffrey Lee. It is probably the last collection of the designer in terms of metal designs. The font is highly recommended for publishing material and is being avoided in small size texts.

Is Impact a Free Font for Commercial Use? 

The font is obtainable free of cost for personal, educational, and non-profit work. For commercial use, acquire the font license and make your projects delightful.

Why Is Impact the Meme Font?

The impact has always remained one of the winsome fonts from the start. Its thick letters made it one of the highly eligible fonts; hence it started using in the memes from which it came under everyone’s attention.

Who Designed Impact Font?

Geoffrey Lee designed this font that was later released by an engineering company Stephenson Blake in 1965.

What Fonts Are Similar to Impact?

A few fonts that come under this category are Compacta font and Roboto Font.

What Is Impact Font Generator?

It is an online tool that creates different Impact font Logos and makes the font compatible with the browser free of cost.

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