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Pokemon Font is another well-liked and highly-used video game font that was produced on the logo of the most welcomed and admired video game, Pokemon. It is a complete series of games that was initiated by a Japanese developer Game Freak however it was published by a Japanese Multinational company Nintendo along with Pokemon company.  In 1996, people got to play this game worldwide after which it was again originated in 2019.

The game was designed by a Japanese designer Satoshi Tajiri who later got huge praises for his tremendous work. Because of the popularity of this video game, its logo came into consideration, and later it started being applied for many purposes and platforms. The logo used on the video game is fan-made art and is accessible in different styles including Pokemon Hollow and solid.

They can be found excessively on every other platform where you can easily download them to your system for future use and this can also be used with curvy font and its styles.

Furthermore, it holds an online tool that you can use for other motives. For instance, if you want to create different pokemon font logos, Designs, and banners free of cost without any license limitation, go ahead with this online tool that allows you to do it. The tool also solved the dissimilarity issues and make the downloaded font similar or compatible with your browser.

Pokemon Font History

Pokemon is a highly played video game that was produced for the first time on 27th Feb 1996 by a notable video gaming multinational company Nintendo. In 2019, another pokemon series came to the surface worldwide with the title Pokémon Sword and Shield that increased its popularity more. It is considered the most significant franchise with victorious gaming series.

Apart from the game, the other thing that captured everyone’s observation was the font applied to the logo of that video game. It is a fan-made font that is custom designed and is being applied for different causes since the game releases. You can also think about using different alternatives to Pokemon including super mario font and Pocket Monk font.

History of Pokemon Font
History of Pokemon Font

There is no complication in getting this font to your system. You can get a free approach to this typeface as it is accessible without any license limitation that increases its worth and usage. The Pokemon font can be availed in different ways and in different designing programs. It is a hugely appraised font for different gaming videos and apps.

Font Information

NamePokemon Font
DesignerNeale Davidson
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Pokemon Font Usage

There is an extended record of platforms where this typeface made a successful arrival. You have many alternatives when it comes to applying pokemon font. It is a modern and fun typeface that expands comprehensibility and makes it an all-rounder. Let’s spike those platforms where you can think about applying this font in the future. It includes:

1- Video games

The font came into existence after being utilized in a popular video game Pokemon hence you can always examine this font in order to use it in video games. Video games demand flexible, modern, and easy to read typefaces and Pokemon font comprises all these features and characteristics. Hence, on whatever gaming platform you are working on right now, pick this font for its logo in order to make the design appealing.

2- Logos

For Logos of your websites, videos, games, etc, the Pokemon font is worth recommending. Logos require a font that makes it easy for people to read and understand from a distance for which you can consider this font easily. We all want a font that goes best for a different type of platform for being used on a logo for which Pokemon would be a fit decision.

3- Designs

This typeface stands out the design and makes it catchy and worth appealing. For hand-made T-shirt designs, people usually apply this font to make it stick out.

4- Others

A few other places where this font can be the center of attraction include Posters, Cards, Signs, Websites, Headings, Titles, Headlines, Advertisements, and a lot of other places.

Pokemon Font View

Pokemon Font View
Pokemon Font View

Pokemon Font Family (Includes 2 Typeface)

  1. Pokemon Hollow
  2. Pokemon Solid

Similar Fonts to Pokemon Font

  • Toy Story
  • Supreme
  • Pocket Monk
  • Miltonian
  • Super Mario
  • Naruto
  • Belligan

License Information

Now using the greatest font without license specifications has become easy because Pokemon typeface provides you with this facility. You can get its free and paid version facilities free of cost just with a simple downloading. Once it is downloaded into your system, here you go with its unlimited usage.

Pokemon Font Free Download

One of the most significant advantages of using this font is, it is accessible free of cost and can be obtained from different reliable platforms. You can also pick the font from the link we have mentioned below. Download the font on your device and enjoy its unlimited features and elements.

Now Download

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Pokemon Font?

It is a free stylish typeface that was used on the logo of the popular gaming series Pokemon released in 1996 for the first time. The font and game received a warm welcome across the globe and is still one of the most likable typefaces.

What Is the Pokemon Font?

It is a fan-made custom font that carries many similarities with the font applied to the logo of this popular game. Both have similar letterings and are quite identical.

Is Pokemon Font Free to Use? 

Fortunately, it is a free font for every type of usage. You can make paid and non-paid projects and designs stand out by using this font that is free from license specification.

What Is a Pokemon Font Generator?

It is a tool that is acknowledged everywhere. It doesn’t require any license issue or font downloading requirement. It can be used online in order to create different pokemon font Logos.

Where Pokemon Font can be used?

You have many platform options where you can use this font. Use in video games, Logos, Banners, Cards, Covers, Designs, Websites, Apps, and many other places.

When the Pokemon Game Released?

It was released on 27th Feb 1996 by Satoshi Tajiri, a designer who belongs to Japan. It is a complete gaming series that originated its latest version in 2019. The game is popular everywhere.

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