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We are going to share Balian Font which is a fancy and decorative look font. This font is a modern look that has a thin and bold character. Its decorative characters are so gorgeous and useful for many brush designs.

This fancy typeface was designed and shared by Alit Design. The designer can use the Balian font for creating different designs and it is also best for pairing with the Jordan font which is the most widely used for creating designs.

This typography has a free online generator tool facility that saves your time for text designing in different fields. This font family is also specified in CSS and HTML.

Notable Features of Balian Font

The Balian font is packed with different OpenType features. These features include uppercase letters, punctuation marks, specially modified letters, and some special characters. The thin and bold characters of this typography increase the font’s uniqueness.

Balian Font

That’s why all designers wish to use this texture for their designs and Plans. Its styles fancy characters and glyphs make this typography worth appreciating. Moreover, this texture contains an extensive range of characters.

Balian Font Free Download

The free version of this font is available here, just click on the download button given below, and your downloading start automatically.

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Why Balian Font is so Popular?

Due to its unique and decorative-filled characters, many designers like it and use it for fancy text design purposes. The bold, regular, and filled styles of this typeface make it effective. This decorative fancy font is effective for a wide variety of designs. The main reason for its popularity is that this typeface is used for various brush designs due to its advanced characters. So, anyone who wants to give an attractive look to his designs uses Balian Font.

Font Details

NameBalian Font
DesignerAlit Design
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Alternatives to Balian Font

Here, some common fonts that are alternatives to this font family are available.  These textures are similar to this font family in terms of style and appearance.

Balian Font Family (Includes 03 Typeface)

  • Balian Regular
  • Balian Bold
  • Balian Thin

Brands Using Balian Font

You can pick this font for different types of documentation purposes, newsletters designs, fashion magazine designs, and headlines design purposes. It is great for use in opposing colors for sign and poster design purposes. Any designer can easily use Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

You can achieve massive fame due to its unique lettering font. By using this fancy font, the full version of this font is great for commercials and your projects and designs. Many people use this typeface on their social media channels for heading and titling purposes such as Youtube and Instagram. The paid version of this font is available on the font owner’s site.

This fancy decorative typeface gives us a free text generator facility and fans can easily utilize it for different purposes. You can create a good pairing with westside font which is a similar and unique fancy type font. This fantastic look font has more than 50 glyphs along with 1000 units per em.

Balian Font

Balian Font Generator

The online generator tool of this typeface is very useful for different graphic designs. The generator tool changes the font weight, font size, and other different aspects. You will have to copy and paste simple text on this tool and as a result, it will generate graphic designs.

Many designers use this online tool in order to convert all simple and original text designs to colorful graphic ones. It will save their time and give their projects an astonishing look.

License Information

The main designer of this font family keeps the license of this typeface under some restrictions and conditions. For all business and commercial projects you will have to buy the license of this font family from the owner. However, you can use this typeface free for all personal plans, and functions.

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Who is the owner of Balian Font?

Alit Design is the main designer of this font family and it comes in the fancy font family.

Can I use Balian Font in a logo?

Yes, you can utilize this amazing typeface for various types of logo designs like website logo designs, profile logo designs, and many other related design purposes.

What is the generator tool of Balian Font?

This is an online tool that is very useful for converting simple designs to colorful graphic designs.

How can I download the free version of Balian Font?

You can download the free version of this font by clicking on the download button given below and useable for all private design purposes.

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