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We are excited to announce the introduction of a new computer font called Tahoma Font. This typeface is a member of the Sans-Serif font family. It was specifically created for Microsoft Corporation in 1994 by designer Mathew Carter.

Later Microsoft distributed this typeface with Verdana font with Office 97 as a computer typeface, and later this font was also introduced in Office 2000, and Office XP. This font also comes as a free font in Word Viewer 97.

Microsft has replaced MS Sans Serif with this font as their default screen typeface. It was also used for skype and promotional material for Sega’s Dreamcast.

You can also make many beautiful text-based Tahoma font designs with the help of the Tahoma font Generator. Furthermore, you can use Open-Sans font as the nest similar font to Tahoma font.

Tahoma contains many fonts, characters, and letters that you can clearly think about using in your designs. One of the best features of this font is, that both upper case and lower case ‘I’ are easily distinguishable and don’t create confusion among people.

tahoma font view

Technical Information

NameTahoma Font
FoundryMicrosoft Typography
DesignerMatthew Carter
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1994
LicenseCommercial Font
TypeFree Version

What are Similar Fonts to Tahoma Font?

Usage of Tahoma Font

After the release of the Tahoma font, the standard of system fonts became high. In the various user interfaces, this font was excessively featured. A complete set of font weights can make a noticeable appearance on different platforms.

If you are thinking of applying an impactful font in printing documents, the Tahoma font with times new roman font is undoubtedly the right choice.

tahoma font View

Furthermore, you can practice the font on numerous other scenes incorporating websites, designs, user interfaces, word documents, and many other programs. You can readily download the font on a Mac or computer device in unconventional formats, including TTF, OTF and other formats.

Tahoma Font Family (Includes 6 Styles)

  • Tahoma Regular
  • Tahoma Bold
  • Tahoma Std SC
  • Tahoma Std Italic
  • Tahoma Std SC Bold
  • Tahoma Std Bold Italic

Licensing and Download

You can download this font for free for your projects. You can also buy a license for this font and use it for commercial designs.


Where You Can Use Tahoma Font?

Tahoma font remained a system font for different Microsoft applications and programs for a long time. You can apply the font in different user interfaces. From Skype to different Windows, it has made a solid appearance one after another. Hence, you can use this font for different printing projects, websites, documents, etc.

Is Tahoma a Good Font?

Microsoft released this professional font many years ago. You can use this perfect font in your projects that give professional vibes. It gives a modern touch to the design; hence you can consider it for this scenario.

What Does Tahoma Font Look Like?

The font has a narrow body structure while the space between letters or characters is less. Previously, the designer originated this font as a bitmap font, but gradually various changes were made. Furthermore, it has a modern look with a complete range of weights.

Which Fonts Are Similar to The Tahoma Font?

Open-sans is the most similar typeface that contains numerous similarities with Tahoma. You can also apply the new versions of this font as a similar font in a design.

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